Hand of Hope in South Africa

- by Hand of Hope
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Population: 48,375,645 - ranks 27th worldwide 
Literacy: 82% 
Official Language: 11 official languages.
Religion: Freedom of religion
Geography: Area - 1,218,363 sq. km. A republic with 9 provinces at the southernmost point of Africa.

Anti-Human Trafficking Rescue

Hand of Hope partners with A21 to rescue and restore girls who are enslaved by the sex trafficking industry. 

Book Translation

Over fifty of Joyce’s books have been translated and printed in Afrikaans, SiSwati, Swahili, Xhosa, and Zulu. Over 300,000 of books in these languages have been distributed, as well as thousands of her books in English, through various outreaches.           

Disaster Relief
  • 2013: Fifteen thousand people were affected as thousands of shacks flooded, and many more faced the brunt of freezing weather. Hand of Hope responded swiftly with disaster relief. We partnered with Hillsong Africa Foundation and their volunteers to distribute waterproof roof sheeting, blankets andfood parcels for hundreds of people in the township of Khayelitsha in Western Cape. We also gave blankets to the homeless through two Christian homeless shelters, Happy Valley and Loaves and Fish.  We were also able to distribute Joyce’s books in English, Xhosa and Afrikaans.
  • 2011: Hand of Hope partnered with Quigney Baptist Church to dispense 35,000 meals feeding 1,750 people as well as the “Peace” booklet in the native Xhosa language after a storm devastated homes in the East London 2nd creek area.
  • 2011: Intense rainfall and heavy flooding has forced thousands to leave their homes. Hand of Hope worked in the affected areas to provide much needed relief to families devastated by the flood with prayer, food supplies and housing assistance.
  • 2010: On Christmas Eve, a terrible fire ravaged the township of Masiphumelele and destroyed 168 shacks leaving 700 people without anything. Hand of Hope  responded by distributing 700 hygiene packs, and an encouraging book of Joyce's to each of the victims in their native language, Xhosa.
  • 2008: Hand of Hope working through our South Africa office, visited a local refugee camp located in Cape Town to assess immediate needs after riots broke out, people were killed and many escaped to refugee camps during the South Africa Xenophobic Attacks. During our visit, we distributed 180 blankets and large amounts of perishable foods.  
Feeding Programs

Hand of Hope serves over a million meals yearly through our feeding programs in this country.

Foreign Office

Joyce Meyer Ministries operates an office in Cape Town, South Africa, reaching out to the continent of Africa. 

International Conferences
  • 2009: Joyce held a meeting in Cape Town. Over 6,500 attended and 248 souls were saved.
  • 2007: Joyce held a two-day conference in Johannesburg. The total attendance for the conference was over 40,000. Over 1,500 souls were saved.
  • 2005: Joyce ministered to over 41,500 at the South Africa conference in Johannesburg. 57 people received salvation.     
Leadership Training 

Hand of Hope has partnered with John Maxwell's EQUIP leadership training ministry to conduct the Million Leaders Mandate, a global initiative striving to train at least one million leaders worldwide. 

Medical/Dental Missions
  • 2018: Our volunteers treated 1,599 patients; 880 accepted Christ 
  • 2017: Our volunteers treated 4,446 patients; 2,334 received salvation. 
  • 2016: Our volunteers treated 4,782 patients; 2,640 accepted Christ. 
  • 2015: Our volunteers treated 4,782 patients; 2,649 received salvation.
  • 2014: Our volunteers treated 4,206 patients, 2,414 received Christ.
  • 2013: Our volunteers treated 5,132 patients; 2,185 people came to know Christ.
  • 2012: Our volunteers treated 3,264 patients; 1,409 patients confessed belief in Jesus Christ.

Hand of Hope donated books to Jesus Alive Ministries for leadership conferences, and partners with Westlake United Church Trust in providing food to the elderly in Cape Town.

Prison Ministry
  • 2018: Prison teams visited 1 prison; distributed 1,000 hygiene bags including on of Joyce's books 
  • 2013: Prison teams visited 10 prisons; distributed 2,420 hygiene bags including one of Joyce's books; witnessing 1,497 receive salvation
  • 2012: Prison teams visited 3 prisons in Nelspruit and Barberton; holding 3 services; distributed hygiene gift bags including one of Joyce's books to 2,470 inmates, 490 of which came to Christ.
  • 2011: The prison team visited 2 prisons distributed 610 hygiene gift bags including one of Joyce’s books.
  • 2008: The teams visited 31 prisons; distributed 57,660 hygiene gift bags including one of Joyce’s books. 
  • 2007: The teams visited 16 prisons; distributed 15,418 hygiene bags including one of Joyce’s books.
  • 2006: The teams distributed over 5,000 hygiene gift bags included one of Joyce’s books.
Television and Radio

Joyce’s Enjoying Everyday Life Television and radio shows are available in English, KiSwahili and Hausa in select areas across the country.

Water Relief

Through our Water Relief program, Hand of Hope has installed 14 wells to provide fresh drinking water to villages.  We have also installed water tanks to provide fresh drinking water to villages during outages. In 2012, six hydroid bio-sand filters were installed at each of the Nelspruit Hope centers providing clean water to thousands of children.  

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