Hand of Hope in Lebanon

- by Hand of Hope
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Joyce Meyer Ministries

Population: 4,136,895 - ranks 126th worldwide
Literacy: 86.5%
Official Language: Arabic, French and English
Religion: Freedom of religion
Geography: Area - 10,230 sq. km. A fertile, mountainous state in the East Mediterranean.

Book Translation

Thousands of Joyce's books in Arabic have been sent to this country for outreaches.

Disaster Relief 
  • 2012: Hand of Hope began partnering with Heart for Lebanon to provide food packages to Iraqi and Syrian refugee families living in the Bekaa Valley and Akaar regions. These packages include food, basic hygiene supplies, a bible and Joyce Meyer books.
  • 2006: Hand of Hope partnered with other ministries to help those who were displaced by the war. The funds were used to supply mattresses, sheets, food, supplies, shoes, medicine and water to the refugees. 

Feeding Programs

Hand of Hope serves over a million meals yearly through our feeding programs in Lebanon.

Leadership Training 

Hand of Hope has partnered with John Maxwell's EQUIP leadership training ministry to conduct the Million Leaders Mandate, a global initiative striving to train at least one million leaders worldwide.

Medical and Dental Missions

2011: We treated 711 patients; 15 people gave their hearts to the Lord


Hand of Hope partners with Heart for Lebanon, a ministry reaching out to Lebanon. In partnership with other organizations.  Hand of Hope also provided aid after the 2006 war with Israel. 

  • 2010: Prison teams distributed 200 hygiene bags including one of Joyce's books.
  • 2009: Prison teams distributed 250 gift bags including one of Joyce's books. 

Television and Radio

Joyce’s Enjoying Everyday Life television show is available in Arabic in select areas of the country.

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