Hand of Hope in Haiti

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Joyce Meyer Ministries

Population: 9,996,731 - ranks 88th worldwide
Literacy: 51.9%; functional literacy may be as low at 20% 
Official Language: French (10% speak it); the common language is Haitian Creole. 
Religion: Freedom of religion 
Geography: Area - 27,400 sq. km. Island shared with the Dominican Republic.

Book Translation

Thousands of Joyce's books have been sent into the country for outreaches.

Disaster Relief 
  • 2018: Hand of Hope partnered with Brace for Impact to send emergency medical personnel to assist earthquake victims
  • 2016: Hand of Hope provided food, supplies and medicines after Hurricane Matthew barreled through the island killing hundreds of people. 
  • 2010: After the devastating earthquake in February, we partnered with Love A Child, Inc. and Crisis Aid International, supplying food, water, supplies and care to the victims of this disaster. In June, Hand of Hope began financially supporting the building of 50 homes for the people devastated by the earthquake. These homes are being built in partnership with Love A Child. In August, Hand of Hope sponsored another 50 homes to be built. 
  • 2008:  Partnering with Love A Child, Inc., Hand of Hope was able to provide immediate relief after hurricanes brought floods, took lives and caused millions of dollars of damage.
Feeding Programs 

Hand of Hope partners with Love A Child to provide millions of meals yearly to the people of Haiti.

Medical and Dental Outreaches

Short Term Outreaches

  • 2018: 2,881 patients received medical/dental care; 80 received Christ 
  • 2017: 2,640 patients received medical/dental care; 77 accepted Christ 
  • 2016: 1,757 patients received medical/dental care; 46 received Christ
  • 2015: 3,102 patients received medical/dental care, 944 received Christ.
  • 2014: 2,667 patients received medical/dental care; 85 came to know Christ. 
  • 2013: 2,553 patients were treated; 865 people come to Christ.
  • 2012: 1,844 patients were treated; 20 come to Christ.
  • 2011: 2,316 people were treated; 192 souls were saved
  • 2009: 2,196 patients were seen; 62 souls were saved. 
  • Hand of Hope funded a medical project that, provided anti-parasitic medicine to 6,000 children throughout Haiti. 


Hand of Hope opened a clinic in 2009, which provides care for men, women and children.  This facility has a malnutrition center, dental clinic, emergency care, OB/GYN, lab, pharmacy and provides general testing and exams. 


Hand of Hope partners with Love A Child to provide feeding programs in the country of Haiti as well as sponsor the Haiti Jesus Healing Medical Center. 

Hand of Hope is partnering with Brace for Impact to help facilitate a feeding program. 

In 2017, Hand of Hope funded the building of Hope Miracle Village School.  There are 600 children enrolled in the school.

Television and Radio

Joyce’s Enjoying Every Life radio shows are available in French and was previously available in Creole in select areas of the country.

Water Relief 

Through our clean water relief program, Hand of Hope has helped provide fresh drinking water in Haiti. 

Hand of Hope