Hand of Hope in Guatemala

- by Hand of Hope
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Population: 14,647,083 - ranks 69th worldwide    
Literacy:  69.1%, much lower in practice
Official Language: Spanish
Religion: Freedom of religion 
Geography: Area - 108,889 sq. km. Mexico's southern neighbor.

Book Translations

Thousands of books translated into Spanish by Joyce have been distributed in this country. 

Disaster Relief
  • 2018: Hand of Hope responded with food, water and diapers for families after the Fuego Volcano eruption 
  • 2017: Hand of Hope assisted with food, clothing and education after a fire devastated a large children's home
  • 2017: Hand of Hope volunteers treated 2,503 patients; 906 were saved 
  • 2014: Hand of Hope volunteers treated 3,039 patients; over 650 receive Christ.
  • 2013: Hand of Hope volunteers treated 2,341 patients; nearly 200 people came to Christ. 
  • 2011: Hand of Hope volunteers treated 1,032 patients; 177 souls were saved.
Prisons Ministry
  • 2016:  Our prison team visited one prison; distributing 40 hygiene gift bags and one of Joyce's books 
  • 2007:  Our prison team distributed almost 7,000 gift bags with hygiene items and one of Joyce's books to inmates throughout Guatemala. 
Television and Radio

Joyce's Enjoying Everyday Life television and radio shows are available in Spanish and English in select areas of the country. 

Hand of Hope