Hand of Hope in France

- by Hand of Hope
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Population: 66,259,012 - ranks 21st worldwide 
Literacy: 99%
Official Language: French 
Religion: Freedom of religion
Geography: Area - 543,965 sq. km. The largest country in western Europe.  

Book Translation
Thirty-five of Joyce’s books have been translated and printed in French; over 600,000 books have been distributed in French-speaking countries. 

Foreign Office
Joyce Meyer Ministries operates a field office in France, servicing the country and much of French speaking Africa.

International Conferences 
  • 2014: Joyce ministered in Paris, with over 13,000 in attendance, and nearly 2,500 accepted Christ or rededicated their life to Jesus.

  • 2016: Prison teams distributed hygiene gift bags and one of Joyce books to 360 inmates 
  • 2013: Prison teams distributed hygiene gift bags and one of Joyce’s books to 427 inmates in the New Caledonia region.

Television and Radio 
Joyce’s Enjoying Everyday Life television and radio shows are available in Arabic, French and Kabyle in select areas of the country. 

Hand of Hope