Hand of Hope in El Salvador

- by Hand of Hope
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Joyce Meyer Ministries

Population: 6,125,512 - ranks 108th worldwide
Literacy: 80.6% 
Official Language: Spanish 
Religion: Freedom of religion
Geography: Area- 21,041 sq. km. Small and densely populated Spanish-speaking country.              

Book Translation

Thousands of books by Joyce Meyer, translated in Spanish, have been donated and distributed through numerous outreaches. 

Disaster Relief

2011: Strong rains across Central America caused massive flooding, taking the lives of nearly 100 people. Thousands were forced to evacuate their homes and seek shelter elsewhere. El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua were all declared national disasters. Hand of Hope provided food to those in need in El Salvador in conjunction with Moody Missions. 

Feeding Programs

Hand of Hope has served over two million meals through our feeding programs in this country.

Leadership Training

Hand of Hope has partnered with John Maxwell's EQUIP Leadership Training ministry to conduct the Million Leaders Mandate, a global initiative striving to train at least one million leaders worldwide.

Medical and Dental
  • 2017: Hand of Hope volunteers treated 1,521 patients; 204 accepted Christ 
  • 2016: Hand of Hope volunteers treated 1,909 patients, 132 received Christ
  • 2015: Hand of Hope volunteers treated 1,681 patients; 244 accepted Christ
  • 2014: Hand of Hope volunteers treated 3,537 patients; 373 patients received Christ
  • 2012: Hand of Hope volunteers treated 2,730 patients; 316 patients received Christ


Medical Clinic:

Hand of Hope in partnership with Abigail Association operates a medical/dental clinic in San Jose Villanueva.  The facility has four fully furnished exam room; two fully equipped dental chairs, and a pharmacy. 

  • 2006:  Our prison team distributed nearly 13,000 hygiene gift bags and one of Joyce's books to inmates. 


Television and Radio

Joyce's Enjoying Everyday Life Television shows are available in Spanish in select areas across the country, and radio programs have been available in select areas across the country.

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