Hand of Hope in Cuba

- by Hand of Hope
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Joyce Meyer Ministries Population: 11,047,251 - ranks 77th worldwide  
Literacy: 99% 
Official Language: Spanish 
Religion: The 1992 constitution declared Cuba to be secular and discrimination against Christians illegal.
Geography: Area - 110,861 sq. km. It is the largest island in the Caribbean. 

Book Translation
Thousands of Joyce’s books, translated in Spanish, have been distributed throughout Cuba. 

Disaster Relief
2008: Hand of Hope partnered with several organizations to provide relief after a hurricane.

Feeding Programs

Hand of Hope has served tens of thousands of meals in the country.    

  • Hand of Hope has continually reached out to help the persecuted church in Cuba. In 2003, we hosted an Extreme Weekend Youth Crusade, reaching over 400 youth in communist Cuba. 
  • Hand of Hope provided 14 bicycles for Pastors. 

Television and Radio

Joyce's Enjoying Everyday Life television shows are available in Spanish in select area of the country. 

Hand of Hope