Hand of Hope in Brazil

- by Hand of Hope
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Joyce Meyer Ministries

Population: 202,656,788 - ranks 5th worldwide 
Literacy: 88.6% 
Official Language: Portuguese 
Religion: Freedom of religion 
Geography: Area - 8,511,965 sq. km. One half of the land surface and population of South America.

Book Translation

Sixty of Joyce Meyer's books have been translated in the Portuguese language. Over 520,000 books have been distributed through outreaches.

Disaster Relief
  • 2018: Hand of Hope partnered with Light to the Nations providing immediate relief to 100 families with food and cleaning supplies following flooding in Rio 
  • 2011: Hand of Hope partnered with Light to the Nations, Bello Ministries, and El Eliom Group to provide water, personal hygiene items, food, and clothing for those affected by the massive mud slides in Rio de Janeiro.
International Conferences

2005: Joyce Meyer Ministries hosted a nationwide conference in the capital city of Brasilia.

Medical and Dental Outreaches
  • 2018: Our volunteers treated 1,248 patients; 191 received Christ 
  • 2017: Our volunteers treated 1,865 patients; 95 accepted the Lord 
  • 2016: Our volunteers treated 1,796 patients; 237 received Christ
  • 2014: Our volunteers treated 3,388 patients; over 375 accepted the Lord
  • In partnership with Light to the Nations, Hand of Hope has been able to assist with church planting and leadership training in Brazil.
  • We funded a school that will educate over 200 students and gave away backpacks with school supplies for the children.
  • 2007: Prison teams distributed hygiene gift bags and one of Joyce’s book to 401 inmates
  • 2006: Prison team distributed hygiene gift bags and Joyce's books to 550 inmates
Television and Radio

Joyce’s Enjoying Every Life television and radio shows were previously available in Portuguese in select areas across Brazil.

Water Relief

Through the Wells of Life program, Hand of Hope helps provide fresh drinking water to villages.  We have installed a fresh water well in this country. 


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