Giving Hope to Families in Myanmar

Giving Hope to Families in Myanmar

- by Hand of Hope 1 MIN READ

This is Nalawla. She lives in Myanmar. Every day she walks 5 miles roundtrip across unpaved roads just to go to school. Her home is made of straw and bamboo and located in a village that has no electricity or medical care. Nalawla’s parents are rice farmers and their livelihood depends on how much rice they can sell during the annual harvest. They rarely have money to buy more than just a small amount of rice and vegetables to feed their family of six. 

Fortunately for Nalawla and her family, there is a Hand of Hope feeding program located nearby which provides nutritious meals, educational activities and the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. Through this program, Nalawla has improved health, has made new friends, and has learned about Jesus. She has a hope for her future that she never had before and contemplates how she can be a better person for herself, her family and her village. 

Thank you to our friends and partners for helping us change lives like Nalawla’s in Myanmar and around the world.

Hand of Hope