Flooded Streets Couldn't Stop

Flooded Streets Couldn't Stop God's Word

- by Hand of Hope
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Flooded Streets Couldn't Stop God's Word As the rain poured down on Jakarta, Indonesia, tens of thousands made their way to the national soccer stadium, many riding bikes as far as they could and then dredging through flooded streets. It wasn’t an easy journey for the people. The city was enduring record flooding, but God’s Word went forth and people’s lives were changed. The rain simply couldn’t keep them away.

Each night of Joyce’s conference, the crowd was led in worship by Darlene Zschech as well as Sidney Mohete, a native Indonesian who grew up in the United States. During the first night Darlene was prompted to share Isaiah 54 and encourage the people to believe that God has big things in store for their nation. Over the two days more than 100,000 people attended the event.

Joyce’s messages which focused on moving beyond your past and not living in fear were right on target for many attendees. It was Joyce’s practical examples that spoke to one lady’s heart, “Joyce helps me be a better wife. I didn’t know how.”

But even above the content of Joyce’s messages, many proclaimed their desire that this conference be a beginning for greater unity among the Christians in Indonesia. We encourage you to pray with us for God to strengthen the believers in this nation for many years to come.

Feeding Amongst the Rubbish

During our trip to Indonesia, the team also traveled to two feeding programs in Bali. Bali, which is located on the eastern tip of Indonesia, is a resort paradise for many. But for others it is a place where they are struggling to feed their families.

One of the programs we visited is inside a trash dump. People from other villages travel here because the dump is a “better” opportunity than where they were. Here the people work seven days a week and make about 200,000 rupiahs or $20 U.S.

Although many may cringe at the thought of working and living in a trash dump, the people we met were very happy. It’s a “glass half full” mentality because at least they are making money and can somewhat provide for their family.

But $20 is not much for an entire family, so the feeding programs offer a way for the family to ensure their children will eat. The program also gives children the ability to avoid long days working in the dump because of the free food it provides.

Throughout Indonesia we are currently feeding 1,900 at 13 feeding sites.

Thank You

Your support is allowing us to spread the Word of God throughout Indonesia and provide meals to hungry children. The love of Christ is being spread throughout this nation and we are encouraged to know that God truly does have big things in store for these people.

Hand of Hope