Stories: Fah’s Story: The Gift of Feeding Programs

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Fahs Story The Gift of Feeding Programs

Fah’s Story: The Gift of Feeding Programs

- by Hand of Hope
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Fah's Story the Gift of Feeding Programs

At this moment, more than 900 million people worldwide are going hungry. In fact, almost 16,000 children die from hunger-related causes every day—that’s one child every five seconds.*

These statistics are tragic. But with your help, we can make a real difference. Hand of Hope currently provides more than 70,000 meals on a regular basis…helping to fight hunger one child at a time.

Last year, five-year-old Fah lost her parents in an earthquake that devastated portions of Burma. Suddenly orphaned, she was sent to live with her grandma in a small village in Thailand. But times were tough there as well.

With Fah’s arrival, her grandma now had seven children to feed, which meant some would have to simply do without. But with the support of Joyce Meyer Ministries’ friends and partners, Hand of Hope provides a feeding program in Fah’s village. Here, Fah and many others like her come to eat, play, receive an education, and learn all about Jesus Christ.

When little Fah first came, she was still traumatized—she kept to herself and wouldn’t interact with the others. Today, she is a healthy, energetic, six-year-old girl who loves to learn…and who loves to run and play with the other children.

For just pennies a day, we can transform a life. And when you support Hand of Hope, you can reach more and more precious children just like Fah.



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