Disaster Relief Efforts Underway in Nepal

Emergency Relief & Medical Care Reaches Families in Nepal

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Emergency Relief and Medical Care Reaches Families in Nepal

Hand of Hope Asia team visited Kolkana, one of the areas that has suffered the most devastation from the 7.8 earthquake in Nepal. 

Families are desperately trying to salvage their belongings from the rubble. And with many homes partially or completely destroyed, they are left to sleep out in the open, where it is raining and temperatures can drop to 14 degrees Celsius (57 degrees Fahrenheit). 

Our team was able to provide 75 of these families with emergency provisions of rice, noodles, pulses (legumes) and sugar. They also provided blankets and tents to those living without shelter.  

Helping Pastor Samuel

We’ve met with Pastor Samuel, our Hand of Hope coordinator in Nepal, who is living in a tent at the church grounds, along with his family and other families from his church. 

We also worked with him to pass out essential relief items to 30 families at his feeding center in Lalitpur, including food, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and blankets. 

First Aid Medical Care

Our medical volunteers have partnered with the Red Cross to set up an emergency First Aid clinic right in the middle of the inhabited area, so the people are able to easily access it. 

They found many people didn’t seek medical attention right away and tried to care for themselves, tying rags and pieces of cloths around muscle tears, sprains and wounds. The medical team was able to assess the people (many of them elderly) and provide medical care to treat their wounds. 

Future Plans

Work in Nepal has only just begun and our team will continue to assess needs in areas like Dolkha and Sindhupalchowk to provide assistance to villages that haven’t yet been reached. They are also looking at long-term options to rebuild homes and churches destroyed in the earthquake.  

Thank you so much for partnering with us to reach out in disasters like this. It’s because of your donations that we are able to be on the ground immediately providing relief.


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