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Join with us to help those affected by Hurricane Sally.

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Join with us to help those affected by Hurricane Sally.

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Disaster Relief Oklahoma Tornado

Disaster Relief: Oklahoma Tornado

- by Hand of Hope
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Our hearts go out to the families in Oklahoma who were devastated by the powerful tornado. It's our desire to provide whatever relief and encouragement we can during this heartbreaking time. 

We are currently working with Church of the Harvest and Victory Church, both in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, to help provide shelter for those displaced by the storms and to offer blankets, water and food to those impacted by these terrible events. We've also teamed up with Gleaning for the World to provide two trailers filled with 70,000 lbs. of supplies including blankets, water and food. 

Through your prayers and support as partners, we are able to respond quickly when disaster strikes to provide relief and support to those impacted, both domestically and across the world. Donate directly to our disaster relief fund today.

Please continue to join us as we pray for those affected by the devastating tornadoes that ripped through the Oklahoma City area. We are constantly updating our involvement as more information is available and God opens more avenues for us to help so please check back often and follow along on Facebook for the latest updates.

Uniting for Oklahoma

This Memorial Day weekend, city officials are estimating that thousands of volunteers will arrive to join in relief efforts. Service International, who we partner with, will be coordinating this effort and acting as the main point of contact.

Over the past several days, we've partnered with more organizations in order to maximize our impact. In addition to Church of the Harvest, Victory Church, and Service International, we've teamed up with Cooking for Christ to distribute meals to relief workers and displaced families and The 99 to set up a tent for those in need. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Volunteer Headquarters

Service International and Church of the Harvest, our ministry partners in the Moore recovery efforts, have been asked by the city to be the headquarters for mobilizing volunteers. Kinsley Jordan, who was a first responder in the search and rescue efforts and saw firsthand the great devastation is the director of these efforts. 

He and a large team of volunteers are working to bring both church and government agencies together to reach as many people as possible. "This is working because God's hand is in it and He wants people to know He loves them... and He's with them in the middle of the disaster." 

Thousands of volunteers are expected in the next few days. Thank you for your faithful support and enabling us to help the people here in Moore.

From Home and Daycare to Rubble and Debris

There is nothing left of Deana's home but rubble and debris. That's why it's so hard to imagine how the 4 adults and 6 children huddled in the home's closets survived the brunt of the tornado. She runs a daycare in the home and her only mission was to keep the toddlers, ages 1 to 3, safe. 

Thanks to your support, we were able to connect her with Church of the Harvest, who will be able to provide the practical resources she'll need to begin again. And to once again begin caring for the children she dearly loves.

Helping Shirley in Shawnee, Oklahoma

We met up with Service International who is providing cleanup services in Shawnee, Oklahoma. This community was hit with a tornado the day before Moore and hasn't received a lot of help due to the magnitude of devastation in Moore.

But we wanted to let the people in this community know they are not forgotten... people like Shirley who owns Grandma Had It Antiques. 

Before the storm, her home and 30-year-old business, which sits on 10 acres, was completely covered in trees. She jokingly said she had never seen the daylight in her front yard because of all the trees. Today that's a completely different story and the volunteers are working hard to cut and stack what tangled wood is left.

Thankfully her family and their home was spared but a workshop and antiques storage building were both hit hard. It will take some time to go through all that remains.

Shirley says she is beyond blessed by all the support. She didn't know there were so many people who cared and is incredibly thankful because it will get her back to doing what she loves best...spending time with family and selling her antiques.

Oklahoma Disaster Relief: Helping Recover

Our recent visit to the Oklahoma City area was exceptionally difficult and a tremendous blessing simultaneously. Wherever we went, there was not a dry eye, from homeowners searching through the debris to volunteers helping with the recovery process to grown men who thought they had seen it all. But these tears brought people together united to help.

So how do you process such things? By focussing on the beauty that can be found. I was honored to be a part of Joyce Meyer Ministries and Hand of Hope and very proud of our dedicated friends and partners who are always the first to lend a helping hand. Partnering with other ministries such as Church of the Harvest, Service International, Cooking for Christ, Victory Church, Gleaning for the World, and The 99, we saw vital progress even in these early days. And together we will all be there to offer help in the days and months to come.

Thank you for always caring and responding with the love of Christ. Your support turns very difficult days into miracles in the making.

Serving Moore

"God can take the ugly and turn it into something beautiful." Those words from Pastor Kirk Pankratz of Church of the Harvest in Oklahoma City describe what we witnessed in the aftermath of the tornadoes that devastated Moore, OK.

Within hours of the disaster, Hand of Hope, the missions outreach of Joyce Meyer Ministries was on the scene, lending assistance to several local organizations. Today's show captures some of those efforts, from cleaning up debris to praying with and comforting those who lost everything.

Hand of Hope