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Called To Do More

Called to Do More

- by Hand of Hope
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Called To Do More

Meet Gary and Terri Page! They have been a part of our family for many years, becoming partners in 1994. They recently shared how God inspired them to step out and support our Project GRL initiative in some creative new ways…

We have partnered with Joyce Meyer Ministries for almost 24 years. It all began after we read Joyce’s book, Battlefield of the Mind. We kept saying, “Where has this lady been? We must find more of her teaching!"

We were already faithful partners when the ministry launched Project GRL. When we heard the incomprehensible stories of how so many girls are mistreated and how Project GRL meets their physical needs and also provides guidance, love, and restoration, we were all in!

With two daughters of our own who have grown up with such blessings, we felt led to raise awareness and support this vital project.

So, this past Christmas, we arranged an open house for our friends and family members so we could share more about this outreach.

We prepared special packages for each one, including a Project GRL necklace and brochure available through Joyce Meyer Ministries, along with a brief note attached from us personally.

Many of our friends have daughters and granddaughters, so we wanted to raise awareness and give them the opportunity to be a blessing if they felt led.

Then, less than two hours before our guests were to arrive, our water-holding tank stopped working. And with no water, it's not easy to host a party!

It was a vivid reminder of the necessity of running water that many of us take for granted. It further enhanced the need for us to help bring wells to these villages and towns so these girls don't have to walk hours just to get water for their homes.

It’s Time for “Plan B”

After making many cancelation calls and texts, we knew the timing of our water-tank issue wasn’t a coincidence—it was the enemy coming against our efforts. This made us even more determined to spread the word about Project GRL.

So, we got creative. For our local friends, I made cheese balls and delivered them along with the Project GRL "party favors." We mailed them to those at a distance along with a heartfelt note.

We just prayed that God would open hearts to see the great need…and the responses have been remarkable.

We have personal goals of what we would like to continue to do—goals that stretch us and challenge what we think can happen in the natural. However, we have seen God's hand move in miraculous ways before and we trust Him fully.

We are so thankful that Joyce Meyer Ministries and their outreach arm, Hand of Hope, continue to give us a platform in which we can live a life of significance!

When you read the stories of these girls, you realize that no act of kindness is too small. Collectively, imagine what we can do!

Hand of Hope