Building Bridges in Indonesia

Building Bridges in Indonesia

- by Hand of Hope
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Building Homes in Indonesia

Watching Joyce teach on the daily television broadcast is always encouraging, challenging and uplifting, but watching her teach and share Christ half-way around the world is a completely different and unique experience for me. 

The Festival of Life in Jakarta, Indonesia, has been in the words of one major Christian leader in the country "an opportunity to build bridges to share the gospel, and not to build walls" for Christians in the nation of Indonesia. It's hard not to agree, as you watch Joyce and the entire team tirelessly do whatever it takes in order to pour into the lives of people who are so hungry to hear the Word of God and apply it to their personal lives. 

To see tens of thousands of people worshiping with all their heart, and in such an incredible state of desire to hear Joyce teach the Word, my heart can't help but be overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude. Excitement, because of how the Gospel is being shared and gratitude, because I realize that it's only happening because of the engagement of the friends and partners of Joyce Meyer Ministries. 

It makes me realize that our best days are without a doubt, still in front of us. Thanks for helping us continue to make a difference – the best is truly yet to come! 

Hand of Hope