A Safe Space for Kids

A Safe Space for Kids

- by Rachael Athearn
A Safe Space for Kids

It’s hard to find more pure joy in a single place than at one of our Classrooms of Hope in South Africa, where heaps of hugs, giggles and all things fun abound as preschoolers go about their day.

And when you’re surrounded by that much love and happiness, it’s even more difficult to imagine the dangers the children would face without having the safety of these classrooms. But the threats are very real.

Thembi Nyawose, a teacher at Sinethemba Classroom of Hope, said rape is an enormous issue in the area, as well as the trafficking of children for their body parts. “Three girls disappeared, and they were never found again,” she said. “They were not here (at the preschool), they were left home alone. This is why I’ve decided to keep the children safe.”

For a long time, Thembi took the children into her home. As more and more children started attending her makeshift preschool, the group outgrew her house, and then a second meeting space. But one day—92 students later—she and her little loves received one of our Classrooms of Hope.

Today, they have a safe place to play, receive an education and nutritious meals, and learn about the love of Jesus. “I was so relieved (for the kids),” she said. “Now they are safe…and I’m happy.”

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