Our Response to the Coronavirus

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As we face this worldwide challenge together, all of us at Joyce Meyer Ministries want to encourage you—you are not alone! God promises that He will be with us and He will never leave us or forsake us (see Joshua 1:5; Hebrews 13:5).

We invite you to take a few moments and watch this personal message from Joyce:

Here are some scriptures to help you keep your faith strong:

At times like this, we need one another! And God is using you to share the hope of Christ and meet people’s needs in some extraordinary ways.

Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries’ World Missions is partnering with ministries in Italy, Japan, Peru and all across the U.S. to provide food, water and basic necessities to families who have been affected by this situation.

You are also sharing the truth and encouragement of God’s Word with so many who are dealing with fear and uncertainty.

The recent Coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives of people worldwide, leaving so many without food, water and other basic necessities. So many people are also dealing with the fear and uncertainty about what the future holds, looking for answers and encouragement anywhere they can find it.

However, during this unprecedented time in history, God is using you to share the hope of Christ and meet people’s needs in some extraordinary ways…

You Are Helping Worldwide

Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries World Missions is partnering with ministries around the world to bring hope and critical relief to thousands who are affected by the current circumstances.

Through the St. Louis Dream Center, you are putting food on the table for inner-city residents simply trying to make ends meet. Our drive-thru food pantry has allowed us to help hundreds of families whose jobs have been affected and whose lives are currently in limbo.

In the coming weeks, through our partnership with God’s Pit Crew, you will distribute a total of 100,000 meals to school systems and law enforcement officials in Virginia, West Virginia and select areas throughout the southeast.

We have also teamed up with the Legacy Center in New York, where you are feeding thousands of elderly and those who are most vulnerable through their food pantry.

In Baltimore, we have joined i5 City, a church dedicated to feeding children who are no longer able to go to school and receive their regular meals. We have also teamed up with Tommy Miranda Ministries in Atlanta to distribute food items and bridge the gap for so many people in need during this time.

Half a world away, you are reaching out to families in Peru through our long-time partnership with Camino de Vida church, providing additional food, ministry and much-needed support. You’re also reaching communities in similar ways through our relationship with Lifehouse church in Japan.

In the Philippines, we have teamed up with Word of Hope church to supply meals for so many in desperate situations. And in Italy, one of the countries hit the hardest, we are partnering with Italy for Christ to meet people’s practical needs and share the light of the Gospel in some amazing ways in the midst of this crisis.

In addition, you are supporting our ongoing relief efforts through Joyce Meyer Ministries India office to share the practical love of Christ and help as many people as we can during this unprecedented time.

You Are Sending a Message of Hope

Your incredible support is also making it possible for millions of people to connect with media and receive the truth of God’s Word. Through Joyce’s Enjoying Everyday Life TV program, online articles and Bible studies, social media posts and so many other ways, you are bringing the hope of Jesus Christ right into their own homes, right when they need it most.

Please continue to pray for all the precious people who are being impacted by this crisis, along with the medical professionals and ministry teams who are working tirelessly to meet their needs.

Know that we are also praying for you. We are praying for your health and safety, and for God to fill your hearts with His peace and encouragement during this time.

Matthew 19:26 says, With God, all things are possible. We truly believe that God can take this situation and use it for good. He can use it to share His love and the message of the Gospel with millions all around the world.

Updates from the Field

Today, in partnership with Camino de Vida, you helped us deliver food to 200 families in Peru! Because of the lockdown, the police helped get food to the families, and due to the need, we’ll make another delivery later this week!

Partnering with God's Pit Crew
Hand of Hope is now partnering with God's Pit Crew with ongoing Coronavirus relief! They will be distributing 100,000 meals in the coming weeks to school systems and local law enforcement officials. Thank you for being a part of providing hope to so many struggling during these uncertain times!

Partnering with the St. Louis Dream Center
Today, in partnership with the St. Louis Dream Center, you are helping put food on the table for inner-city residents simply trying to make ends meet. A drive-thru food pantry has allowed us to help hundreds of families daily whose jobs and lives have been impacted by the Coronavirus.

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