There’s still time to give! Let’s feed 1,000 more children together! Just $30 can feed 5 kiddos for 1 whole month. Will you join us?

There’s still time to give! Let’s feed 1,000 more children together! Just $30 can feed 5 kiddos for 1 whole month.
Will you join us?


Ida Relief

Hope After the Storm

- by Hand of Hope 4 MIN READ

September 10, 2021

In towns throughout the New Orleans area, cars lined up for miles to reach one of the few functioning gas stations. These families, willing to wait for hours in the Louisiana heat, were some of the hundreds of thousands impacted by Hurricane Ida. 

Without electricity, and lacking basic necessities like food, water and hygiene items, they searched for help wherever they could find it.

Thanks to the ongoing, generous donations of our partners, Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries World Missions is helping to provide the immediate assistance they need.

In partnership with God’s Pit Crew, we set up outreach points in several locations to provide families with a five-gallon Blessing Bucket, filled with food, water, toiletries, flashlights, and other emergency items. Every bucket also contained a Bible, along with a Joyce Meyer book filled with encouragement.

These Blessing Buckets were put together less than a week earlier at a volunteer event held at Joyce Meyer Ministries main headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. Our goal was simple—to meet their needs and let them know they are not alone and not forgotten. 

We also teamed up with Mercy Chefs to place a hot, nutritious meal in the hands of everyone who attended. For many, it was the first warm meal they’d had in days. 

Thanks to our partners, we provided food, necessities and much-needed encouragement for so many who were tired, weary and overwhelmed…and we will continue to do so.

For instance, in Metairie, we met so many precious people like Donrich Felo. Completely out of food and water, Donrich had barely enough gas in his car to drive to our food truck. That day, we provided him with a Blessing Bucket and a hot meal, along with prayer and spiritual support. He thanked us again and again, because he had run out of options, and God allowed us to provide his miracle.

Thanks to you, we have delivered over 4,700 Blessing Buckets and more than 150,000 meals to Hurricane Ida victims. That’s a lot of miracles.

Lending a Helping Hand

Hurricane Ida left a path of destruction, and it will take many people a long time to recover. The storm didn’t just knock out electricity, but it also left trees and massive debris strewn across homes, yards and throughout their neighborhoods.

Raymond Baptiste lives in Lacombe, and this is the fourth time a hurricane has damaged his home. As he looked at the destruction, it’s clear that it never gets any easier.

Thanks to our partners, Raymond doesn’t have to go through it alone. Hand of Hope has teamed up with Eight Days of Hope to help him and hundreds of others to remove downed trees and haul away tons of debris. 

In fact, over 500 volunteers immediately descended on the New Orleans area to help families like Raymond’s to begin the arduous task of cleaning up their properties…and more are on their way. 

These teams bring a lot of muscle and expertise. They also bring a lot of hope. Amidst the work, volunteers encourage and pray with the homeowners. They let them know they’re not alone—God cares about them, and so do they.

Shining Brightly

While much of the area is still without power, our partners are helping so many to keep their lights on. This past weekend, we were able to supply 50 back-up generators for some of those who were most at-risk.

Bob Goodwin is 77 years old, and he lives in Hammond, Louisiana. Sunday night, as Hurricane Ida passed through, it knocked out his electricity, literally leaving him in the dark. Worst of all, without his CPAP machine, Bob is unable to sleep. 

When we presented Bob with the new generator, he lit up! It powers his refrigerator, CPAP machine, lights, and the several fans he uses to stay cool. This gift will help to keep him healthy and safe through the crisis.

Partners of Joyce Meyer Ministries, we want you to know that your love is shining brightly all across Louisiana. In the aftermath of one of the most powerful storms to ever hit their coast, you made it possible for our teams to respond immediately and reach these people in their greatest moments of need.

As we opened those truck doors and delivered the Blessing Buckets—as we served hot meals and helped people pick up the pieces after the hurricane—please know that you were right there with us. You were helping, encouraging and sharing the love of Christ in such a personal and practical way. And it’s something they will remember long after the storm has passed.

We invite you to join with us to bring continued relief today! One hundred percent of whatever you give will go directly to those affected by Hurricane Ida, as well as other ongoing disaster relief efforts.  

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