Book Translation

Although teaching materials like books can play a vital role in reaching people with the truth of the Gospel, they are simply not easy to come by in many nations. That’s why we work with local pastors and ministries around the world to translate many of Joyce’s books and then distribute them to people throughout those regions.

Joyce has published many books and over 100 of those have been translated into a combined 161 various languages. More than 39.4 million of Joyce's books have been distributed in locations where Christian resources are often not readily available.

Mission Milestones

160+ Different Languages
39.4 million+ Books Distributed
1993 First Translation in Russian
A women takes another women's blood preasure

Medical/Dental Volunteers Needed

We’d love for you to join us on an upcoming trip. These experiences not only bring free medical and dental care to some of the poorest areas of the world, it will also impact your life in amazing ways!

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