Anti-Human Trafficking

In countries like Greece, Ethiopia and America, thousands of women and children every day are forced into human trafficking by being lied to, deceived and ultimately stolen from anything normal for them. They're promised a better life, a good-paying job…maybe even freedom from poverty. 

No matter how they get there, it is still one of the most inhumane forms of injustice our world has ever seen.

Fortunately there are organizations that have answered the cry of this injustice and are making strides to help rescue victims from this form of modern day slavery. We're committed to doing everything we can to rescue these girls as well as support other organizations working tirelessly to do the same.

We believe our feeding programs and children’s homes are also an extension of this outreach—helping vulnerable children receive the help they need before they can be thrown into this horrific lifestyle.

We are working to rescue women and children in the United States, Australia, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Greece, Mexico, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom. We offer love, housing, schooling, job skill training, and biblical counseling to help rebuild and restore their lives.

Mission Milestones

11 Countries Reached
2 Rescue Homes
5 Imagine Hope Centers
A women takes another women's blood preasure

Medical/Dental Volunteers Needed

We’d love for you to join us on an upcoming trip. These experiences not only bring free medical and dental care to some of the poorest areas of the world, it will also impact your life in amazing ways!

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