Well of Life

Through a Joyce Meyer Ministries, Hand of Hope Well of Life project, you can plant a church and give a community a freshwater well, introducing them to the Gospel and meeting an essential physical need.

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Grandmothers, mothers, and daughters across India walk miles each day to get water. The journey is long, and the vessels they carry are heavy and burdensome. Girls are forced to quit school because the journey for water takes more time each day as they have to travel farther and farther to find it.

Our mission is simple. We want to bring relief to as many people as possible and express the love of God through supplying one of the most basic but vital physical needs – water.

Through our Well of Life projects, we dig fresh-water wells and plant churches. The wells bring thousands of unbelievers to the adjacent church creating a wide-open door for us to meet their spiritual needs along with their physical ones. Hundreds of communities and tens of thousands of lives have been transformed through these projects, and you can help change even more!

For $15,000, you can sponsor a Well of Life project and help a community in need. Sponsorship includes:

  • A personalized sponsorship plaque on the church building and the well.
  • Photos of the dedication ceremony.
  • Report of the village in which the project was completed.

Well only sponsorships available for $3,500.

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