Think This, Not That - Part 1

Think This, Not That - Part 2

- by Joyce Meyer
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I’m sure most of you are familiar with the story of Moses and how God used him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. After 300 years of slavery, they were finally free and on their way to the “Promised Land”—the land of Canaan which the Lord had given to them.

Upon leaving Egypt, the Israelites entered the wilderness for what should have been an eleven-day journey. However, as you probably know, they wandered in the desert for 40 years!

We tend to shake our heads and think, What was their problem? How could they mess it up that badly?

Several years ago, as I pondered this situation, God spoke to my heart something so profound. He said, “The children of Israel spent forty years in the wilderness because they had a wilderness mentality.

I define a “wilderness mentality” as a wrong mindset. Right mindsets naturally benefit us, while wrong ones hurt us.

Like the Israelites, our wrong mindsets can keep us stuck in the same place, never truly making any progress...dealing with the same problems.

In Part 1, I shared five “wilderness mentalities” that will keep us wandering in the wilderness. Here, I share the next five, along with what God’s Word has to say about how to think in these situations.

#6: “I’m addicted to complaining.”

When we complain, we remain—it prevents us from moving forward. However, when we adopt a good attitude in the hard times, it puts us on the road to freedom.

Think This: “I’m determined to see the good in every situation. I will remain grateful to God and say things that are positive and uplifting.”
1 Thess 5:18; Eph 4:29; Prov 18:20-21

#7: “Somebody do it for me.”

It’s easy to get excited at the beginning of something, but it takes commitment to cross the finish line. Don’t be afraid of responsibility and hard work—they’re the very things that will help you reach your goals.

Think This: “I love to work hard, do my part and see things through to the end. The Lord blesses the work of my hands.”
Col 3:23; Prov 12:11; Deut 15:10

#8: “I don’t deserve God’s blessings.”

Because of the abuse I suffered growing up, I had a shame-based nature. I blamed myself for what had happened to me, although there was nothing I could have done to stop it.

The enemy constantly told me that I was no good—that I was unworthy of God’s love or help. I spent years trying to be good enough to deserve what God wanted to give me freely by His grace.

But whether it’s God’s love, salvation, forgiveness, or the many promises in His Word, there’s nothing we can do to “earn” or deserve them. We can only humbly accept and appreciate them...and be in awe of how good He is and how much He loves us.

Think This: “God loves and approves of me, and today I choose to receive His mercy, grace, and forgiveness for my life.”
Rom 8:31-39; 2 Cor 5:21; Jer 1:5

#9: “Don’t make me wait—I deserve everything immediately.”

Impatience is related to pride—the proud person believes they should never be inconvenienced. The truth is, you’re going to spend a lot of time in your life waiting, and being impatient will only make you (and everyone around you) miserable. So, why not learn to wait with joy?

Think This: “I am peaceful and patient, and I trust God to give me exactly what I need in His perfect timing.”
1 Pet 5:6; Prov 16:9; Jas 1:4; Rom 12:10

#10: “I’m going to do it my way or not at all!”

Sometimes we’re like stubborn two-year-olds, always saying, “I do it my way!” However, it’s only when we obey God and do things His way that we’ll have true success.

Think This: “I want God’s will in every area of my life. I’m flexible to obey and follow Him wherever He leads me.”
Mat 6:10; Deut 5:33; Prov 3:6

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