Super Summer Makeover

Super Summer Makeover

- by Joyce Meyer Ministries
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Are you craving change? Be encouraged to begin a new chapter of your life by some of the wonderful people who participated in our Summer Makeover challenge! We hope their comments will get you thinking about how God’s Word can transform every area of your life! 

I have found how energizing volunteering and serving others can be! Spending myself on behalf of others has brought healing, confidence, joy and increased my faith in God, and his promises. Digging deeper into His word everyday is helping me run my own race and let go of fear, worry, doubt, envy, jealousy, and comparing myself to others! It's been a season of growth and my batteries are recharged. I'm ready for the new school year and looking forward to teaching first graders! It's been a Summer Makeover for sure! - Lisa R.

I re-learned things I had previously read years ago but had forgotten. It's like God is taking me on another journey by a different route. Also, I wanted to thank you sooooo much for the series of emails on "Healing the Soul of a Woman." My soul had been seriously wounded by someone I trusted & this helped me not only forgive but stop focusing on my pain & re-focus it on God's promises! Thanks #JMMakeover17 - Sherry H.

Thank You for this makeover. I'm learning to trust God more, I'm learning to forgive others instead of trying to get them back. I've added some Scripture to read and meditate over to help continue my makeover. I am thankful for God’s Word always renewing me, helping me to be all God wants me to be, to have the life He intended for me to have. Amen! - Delicia B.

God has helped me with my weight issues. April 2016, I was at my highest weight and I hit rock bottom. I felt I had no purpose in life. I remember that Joyce would say that God put us on this Earth to have a good life. Armed with that thought, I walked through the doors of Weight Watchers and never looked back. I am down 95 lbs with another 40 to go. God has empowered me to go through this journey with ease. I feel strong, and I know that with God's help, I've got this. - Cheryl M.

Jesus has given me the will power to lose weight. I have lost 18 pounds so far. I won't give up.- Teresa B.

God and Jesus have blessed me this summer. I'm a lot more confident, positive, care less of what people think. - Emma W.

God has helped me quit smoking. I have not smoked for 34 days. God has been by my side through horrible withdrawal and anxiety. He has calmed my soul! I have also begun to have a relationship renewed with Him. I look forward to church every Sunday and walking with God everyday! - Kim G.

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