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A message from Joyce on love and justice.
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Do Not Be Anxious

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Hello Friends! This is Joyce and I just wanted to give you a chat today to cheer you up. I’m sure that some of you are pretty worried and concerned right now with different things. Not only concerns like, "will I get the virus" but especially people that aren’t able to work during this time. I’m sure it’s very challenging for you and so there’s a great temptation to worry, to be afraid and to have anxiety. I totally understand those feelings, but I did want to share with you that none of those feelings help you or the situation at all; if anything, they just make you more nervous and more concerned. So, I want to encourage you, once again, that God is on our side and He will take care of you. You may not know how, you may not see how, but God will take care of you!

I want to encourage you with a couple of things you can do! Don’t just look at what you don’t have but look at what you do have and think about other people. Today, I was thinking about Anne Frank, the young teenager who was alive during the Holocaust. Anne and her family lived in a 450 square foot attic room for 791 days and they had to hide. Many people during those times hid in spaces as small as a closet, so being quarantined in our houses, maybe not having enough toilet paper could be an inconvenience e but I think we can survive that. I also want to encourage those of you that do have your jobs and can afford it to, to purposefully look for and help somebody who is in trouble. Reaching out to other people in times like this adds great power to your life.

We also have a free booklet we want to encourage you to download called Overcoming Anxiety. Remember we’re praying for you every day, we love you, we care about you and especially know that God loves you and care about you. Have a great day!

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