Celebration of Prayer

On March 6th, we want to join together and celebrate God's faithfulness in your life! Through the years, God has brought healing, restoration and freedom to so many of you. Here are some of those stories:

“I placed a prayer request with you, asking for prayer for my brother, Tom, who had cancer. He’d had surgery to remove the cancer, along with several organs that were affected and was getting chemo. After all their efforts, his oncologists could still only assess his situation as dire—giving him less than a year to live. However, today he was given the news that he is now CANCER FREE!”
— Deborah
“I contacted your ministry requesting prayer against attacks of the enemy on my finances, family members, and marriage. ...After that, breakthroughs came in every area of my life! I know God’s covering is keeping us safe and He will pull us through. God bless you and your prayer teams for providing an avenue to seek comfort, prayers, and hope.”
— Nicole
"For years I’ve faithfully submitted prayer requests to have children and would like to testify that my husband and I now have two daughters; a three-year-old and a one-year-old. I am blessed beyond belief! God’s timing is perfect, thank you for all the years of prayer.”
— Amanda

We are always praying for you, but March 6th is a very special day we set aside to come together as a team to seek God on your behalf. So if you are waiting on God for something in your life, we want to join with you in prayer! Let's cry out to Him together and see what amazing things He has in store!