Share Her Worth this Christmas


You’ve inspired a gift of love to help guide, restore and love girls all around the world. It’s a beautiful thing to see…women and girls walking confidently in who they were created to be!

Project GRL was birthed out of Joyce’s heart to see young women across the globe healed and restored, just as she has been. And for years, we’ve been seeing the incredible impact God has made in their lives...and we know He is calling us to do even more. That’s why the gift you inspired this Christmas is so vital.

Share Her Worth this Christmas

Because in a world that tells girls they are unworthy of an education, your gift is helping to teach them. Where women and girls must walk for hours to gather dirty water, you are providing safe, clean water right in their village. Where human traffickers are snatching hope from young women, you are restoring them.

And where girls are told they aren’t worthy of basic human rights like dignity, respect and life, you are loving them as Christ does.

Here’s a snapshot of the current reach of Project GRL. You can also find out more here.

Guiding her to truth. Restoring her sense of worth.
Loving her as God's daughter.

45 countries reached
626 feeding sites
58 Classrooms of Hope
3 safe homes

Joyce Meyer Ministries | Hand of Hope | ECFA