In 2021, together, we reached a world in need—one day, one life at a time…

As we look back at 2021, we are in awe of God’s faithfulness. It was a difficult year—one of pandemic, unrest and hardship—so how do you face it and make a difference? One day, one life at a time. And that is exactly what God helped us all to do…


Financial Accountability

86 cents of every dollar you gave in 2021 was used for outreaches and programs directed at reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


In 2021, we watched God take what you’ve given—every single dollar—and use it to literally change our world…one day…one outreach…one life at a time. Watch the video below to see the impact you made.


Thank You

In 2021, each and every day, God used you, our partners, to share His love and the Gospel message with people around the world—one book, one broadcast, one rescue at a time.

Your generosity reached them in their moment of need…and will impact their hearts and lives forever.


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