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Sharing Christ’s love with those undergoing tragic circumstances. In the face of disaster, God is there.

Central United States Tornadoes

Hand of Hope – Apr 29, 2024
A neighborhood effected by tornadoes

Our hearts break for the devastation caused by this weekend’s tornado outbreak across the central United States, stretching from Texas to Iowa. With five people losing their lives, many injured, homes destroyed, and communities shattered, the impact is profound.

Hand of Hope is partnering with Mercy Chefs, God's Pit Crew, and Eight Days of Hope to offer support in the hardest-hit areas of Elkhorn, Nebraska and Sulphur, Oklahoma. We're providing hot meals, Blessing Buckets filled with basic essentials, and aiding cleanup efforts. Join us in prayer for all affected by these tragic events. Together, we can make a difference.

Tornadoes and Flooding in Slidell, LA

Hand of Hope – Apr 16, 2024

Our hearts are deeply saddened by the devastation caused by the recent tornadoes and flooding, particularly in Slidell, LA, where a tornado tore through the community. In response, Hand of Hope has partnered with Church of the King, Eight Days of Hope, and God’s Pit Crew to provide essential aid including temporary shelter, nourishment, clean water, hygiene essentials, tarps, tree removal and debris cleanup to aid affected families. Please join us in praying for all those affected by these devastating storms.

Central United States Storms

Hand of Hope – Mar 14, 2024
Woman on the phone in front of a Storm destroyed house

Last night, devastating storms and tornadoes tore through many parts of the Central United States from Texas to Ohio, leaving destruction in their wake.

Tragically, three lives were lost, and many others were injured. Countless homes and businesses have been damaged and destroyed. Hand of Hope is partnering with God's Pit Crew to provide essential supplies and blessing buckets filled with life-sustaining goods to those in need. Join us in praying for all those affected by these terrible storms.

Texas Wildfires

Hand of Hope – Feb 28, 2024
Texas Wildfires

As of February of 2024, the Texas Panhandle was reeling from devastating fires, consuming over 500,000 acres, destroying homes, farms, and businesses, and endangering lives, livelihoods, and livestock.

In response, Hand of Hope partnered with Encounter Church Amarillo to extend a helping hand to those in need and provided essential supplies to the affected families and support to the brave first responders who battled the flames on the front lines.

Chile Wildfires

Hand of Hope – Feb 06, 2024
Chile Wildfires

In February of 2024, wildfires devastated parts of central and southern Chile, claiming the lives of more than 120 people, leaving many more missing. The fires destroyed or damaged over 15,000 homes and businesses. Hand of Hope partnered with The Life Church Santiago, to provide water and other essential items to those affected.

California Flooding

Hand of Hope – Feb 05, 2024
California Flooding

In February of 2024, California experienced torrential rain that caused dangerous flooding, mudslides, and fallen trees. Hand of Hope partnered with The Dream Center in Los Angeles, to provide critical support to the community.

Tornadoes in Middle Tennessee

Hand of Hope – Dec 11, 2023
Tornadoes in Middle Tennessee

Devastating tornadoes hit Middle Tennessee in December of 2023, and left a trail of destruction in its wake. Tragically, six people lost their lives, dozens were injured, and many homes and businesses were destroyed or damaged.

Hand of Hope partnered with Mercy Chefs, to provide hot meals, God's Pit Crew, to remove damaged trees and tarp damaged roofs, and LifePoint Church, who helped their neighbors and community members in cleanup efforts.

Earthquake in Morocco

Hand of Hope – Sep 09, 2023

More than 2,000 people died after a powerful earthquake hit Morocco in September of 2023. We were able to work with local churches* in the area to provide immediate relief.

Thank you to our partners for making this relief possible.

*Due to the sensitive nature of those in the area, we did not name the churches who helped at the time.

Hurricane Idalia

Hand of Hope – Aug 30, 2023
Hurricane Idalia

Hurricane Idalia slammed into the coast of Florida in August of 2023 as a category 3 hurricane and moved through Georgia and the Carolinas soon after. Idalia caused multiple deaths and brought significant flooding and damage to homes and businesses.

Hand of Hope partnered with Mercy Chefs, who mobilized its kitchens and chefs to the area so they could serve hot meals to those impacted by the storm as well as the first responders who provided aid. We also partnered with God's Pit Crew as they sent semis loaded with Blessing Buckets, filled with basic necessities that helped people whose lives were suddenly interrupted by Hurricane Idalia.

Maui Wildfires

Hand of Hope – Aug 10, 2023
Maui Fired

The catastrophic wildfires in Maui, Hawaii destroyed hundreds of homes, businesses, and churches and tragically, this disaster claimed many lives. In a crisis like this, it's easy to feel hopeless, but you truly made a difference!

Hand of Hope partnered with Mercy Chefs and King's Cathedral (King's Maui) who were on the ground and provided food, clothing, and shelter to those that have were affected by the fires. Please continue praying for all who impacted by this tragedy, and that God would give His peace and comfort to everyone affected.

Flooding in the Northeast

Hand of Hope – Jul 14, 2023
Flooding in the Northeast

Dangerous flooding hit the Northeast in July 2023, tragically ending lives and destroying homes and businesses. In April of 2023, the staff at Joyce Meyer Ministries partnered with God’s Pit Crew to assemble Blessing Buckets in preparation for disasters just like this. These buckets included essentials like hygiene items, cleaning supplies, food, a flashlight, a book by Joyce, and a Bible. The buckets we packed that April were loaded onto a truck and are sent to Vermont! Together we made an impact in the lives of people when they needed it most!

Tornado in Perryton, Texas

Hand of Hope – Jun 16, 2023
Tornado in Perryton Texas

In June of 2023, the people of Perryton, TX experienced a tornado that ripped through the town killing multiple people and injuring dozens of others. Many homes and business were completely destroyed. Hand of Hope partnered with Encounter Church Amarillo to distribute food, generators, baby supplies, and other essentials to those affected by this storm. Thank you for partnering with us to love people when they need it most.

Flooding in Northern Italy

Hand of Hope – May 19, 2023
Flooding in Northern Italy

In May of 2023, the people of the Northern Region of Italy experienced torrential rain that caused extensive flooding and landslides across the area. Lives were lost, more than 15,000 people lost their homes, and many others were without power and potable water.

Hand of Hope partnered with Italy for Christ to provide food, water, and clothing. Most importantly we came together to bring prayer, hope, and encouragement. Thank you to our partners who help us share Christ and bring help to those in need.

Arkansas Tornado

Hand of Hope – Mar 31, 2023

Looking out their window, Robert and Judy could see the tornado forming near their home in Mayflower, Arkansas. They sought safety in their safe room…the only thing from their home that was left standing when the dust settled.

“I give God all the praise and glory because it was Him who kept us safe. And I’m thankful for the sweet people who He sent to be an extension of Himself and thankful for the ministry who supports all this.”

Hand of Hope partnered with the Arkansas Dream Center and North Little Rock First Assembly to bring relief to those in Mayflower and Vilonia who were devastated by the tornado.

Because of the financial donations of the friends and partners of Joyce Meyer Ministries, we provided food, cleanup and necessities following this storm.

Mississippi Tornadoes

Hand of Hope – Mar 25, 2023
Mississippi Tornadoes

In March of 2023, massive tornadoes hit Mississippi, leaving a trail of destruction in their path, and killing at least 24 people. Our thoughts and prayers were and remain with all those affected by this tragedy.

We partnered with Eight Days of Hope, God's Pit Crew, and Mercy Chefs to provide support to those impacted by this disaster. Mercy Chefs started serving meals the following day, while Eight Days of Hope was deployed to assist with recovery efforts. God’s Pit Crew sent blessing buckets and other essential products and as well as a team to remove debris, tarps, and cut trees the following week.

Tropical Cyclone Freddy

Hand of Hope – Mar 16, 2023

Tropical Cyclone Freddy hit Malawi in March of 2023, and brought with it heavy rains that caused flooding and mudslides. More than 59,000 people were affected and more than 19,000 were displaced. Our team in Malawi was soon on the scene, partnering with local churches to help provide food parcels and household relief packs. We also helped repair homes and provided counseling and spiritual support.

Turkey and Syria Earthquake

Hand of Hope – Feb 07, 2023
Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

The devastating earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria in February 2023, left a trail of destruction, affecting countless properties. Hand of Hope quickly partnered with organizations on the ground in Turkey that helped with search and rescue, and provided three mobile hygiene trucks, a mobile kitchen, blankets, winter clothing, food, tents, and water. Thank you to our partners for helping us share hope and bring help to the hurting.

The destruction to life and property was overwhelming. We were immediately able to help through our partners in Turkey. Aid inside Syria was more of a challenge, but we were able to help there as well! We purposely did not name our partners for their own safety. Thank you for your support and continued prayers for all those affected.

Hurricane Ian

Hand of Hope – Sep 23, 2022
Hurricane Ian

In September of 2022, Hurricane Ian made landfall along the southwestern coast of Florida as a powerful Category 4 storm—one of the strongest hurricanes to hit the west coast of the Florida peninsula—causing catastrophic damage, widespread devastation, and flooding to residents across Florida.

Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries, World Missions, partnered with Mercy Chefs, God’s Pit Crew, Eight Days of Hope, and Coast Life Church, to provide aid and assistance to Floridians thanks to the generous donations of our partners.

Ukrainian Crisis Relief

Hand of Hope – Feb 24, 2022
Immediate assistance was needed in Ukraine where there are already millions in need of our help. 
More than one million people fled—most of whom are women and children. Joyce Meyer Ministries helped where possible through our office in Kyiv, as well as in Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Slovakia. 

Here are some of the partners we are working with on the ground:

- Alfa Omega TV – Romania
- KDM Krakow, Church for the City - Poland

- Full Gospel Church – Bulgaria
- Global Teen Challenge

Bethel Global Response

Mercy Chefs

Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries 

- Filadelfia Church in Moldova

IW Compassion

- Italy for Christ

Church of the Highlands

Duglt - Ministry in Israel

- Qendra Celesi - Ministry in Albania

Reach Initiative International

Don Clowers Ministries

Water Mission

Midwest Tornadoes

Hand of Hope – Dec 10, 2021
Partnering Together to Provide Hope After Deadly Storms

On December 10, 2021, over 30 tornadoes ravaged six states in the Midwest, with Kentucky suffering tremendous losses, leaving at least 60 people dead and hundreds missing.

The scale of destruction overwhelmed local officials. In response, Joyce Meyer Ministries’ Hand of Hope, sprang into action, collaborated with local churches and organizations like God’s Pit Crew, Mercy Chefs, and LifePoint Church to deliver immediate aid such as meals, water, and essentials to the affected communities. They also provided generators, heaters, and fuel to those without electricity.

Haiti Earthquake

Hand of Hope – Aug 14, 2021
Haiti Earthquake Relief

In August of 2021, Haiti grappled with the aftermath of a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that claimed nearly 2,000 lives and left thousands injured and displaced.

Tropical Storm Grace compounded the devastation with heavy rain and floods. Hand of Hope, through generous partner donations, provided immediate aid in partnership with organizations like Water Mission, God’s Pit Crew, and more. Your support made a difference in Haiti.

Hurricane Ida

Hand of Hope – Aug 29, 2021

In the wake of Hurricane Ida’s devastation in the New Orleans, Louisiana area, Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries’ World Missions, in partnership with organizations like God’s Pit Crew and Mercy Chefs, provided critical support to the affected communities. As residents grappled with the aftermath—many without electricity and basic supplies—these collaborative efforts culminated in the distribution of over 4,700 Blessing Buckets, filled with essential items and more than 150,000 hot meals. The initiative extends beyond mere distribution as it also involved personal support, prayer, and spiritual encouragement, exemplified by the assistance given to individuals who found themselves in dire need.

Our efforts were bolstered by a force of over 500 volunteers alongside Eight days of Hope, helping to clear debris and offered a semblance of normalcy to those like Raymond Baptiste, who has suffered repeated hurricane damage. Additionally, the provision of 50 back-up generators was life-changing for people like 77-year-old Bob Goodwin, which enabled him to use his CPAP machine and other essential appliances.

Hurricane Laura

Hand of Hope – Aug 20, 2020
Hurricane Laura

On August 27, 2020, Hurricane Laura struck southern Louisiana, devastating cities like Lake Charles and leaving hundreds of thousands without water or electricity.

With winds exceeding 150mph, the Category 4 storm left homes and businesses in ruins, and residents wondering how to survive and move forward in the absence of the most basic necessities.

Through your generous support, Hand of Hope came alongside Eight Days of Hope, God’s Pit Crew, Convoy of Hope, Mercy Chefs, and Our Savior’s Church (Jennings) to bring immediate relief to those impacted by this disaster.

Australia Fires

Hand of Hope – Sep 01, 2019
Australia Fires

Australia was ravaged by horrific wildfires. Millions of acres of land burned, and thousands of homes destroyed. Hand of Hope partnered with Hillsong Church and Citipointe Church and assisted volunteer firefighters with critical support to families directly affected by the fires.

We helped clear debris, removed fallen trees, and sifted through the ashes to locate important personal items. Additionally, we distributed Fire Recover kits, which included items such as shovels, rakes, hammers, gloves, face masks, and overalls.

Tropical Depression Imelda

Hand of Hope – Sep 19, 2019
Tropical Depression Imelda

On Thursday, September 19, Tropical Depression Imelda unexpectedly dropped more than 43 inches of rain on southeast Texas, flooding a region that is still recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

Through your support, Hand of Hope was able to partner with Hope City Church in Houston, Texas, to rescue families in peril and bring them to safety. Hand of Hope also partnered with God’s Pit Crew and delivered fresh water, food, emergency supplies, and other support to help those families recover from that crisis.

Hurricane Dorian

Hand of Hope – Aug 24, 2019

In 2019, Hurricane Dorian devastated parts of northern Bahamas. Winds ripped off roofs, overturned cars, and dropped more than 30 inches of rain.

The Category 5 hurricane took the lives of at least 50 people, with more than 2500 others registered as missing. The storm damaged or destroyed over 13,000 homes.

Hand of Hope partnered with Convoy of Hope, Mercy Chefs, Water Mission, and Christ Fellowship to provide basic necessities like food, including hot meals, water, hygiene items, water filters solar lights, generators, water-treatment packets, and other emergency supplies.

Because of your support, we were able to make an immediate impact in the Bahamas and provide critical help for those who needed it most.

Relief for the California Wildfires

Hand of Hope – Nov 08, 2018

Hand of Hope partnered with the Los Angeles Dream Center and Zoe Church to provide immediate relief to the victims of the California wildfires, including temporary housing, free resources, and cleanup.

Hurricane Nate

Hand of Hope – Oct 04, 2017
Hurricane Nate

In 2017, Tropical Storm Nate killed dozens as it made its way throughout Central America and continued to strengthen on its path north toward the Gulf Coast. We were able to reach out to Mission of Hope to provide immediate relief in Costa Rica!

Hurricane Maria

Hand of Hope – Sep 16, 2017
Hurricane Maria

In 2017, Hurricane Maria’s devastation left thousands displaced, 50 or more dead and nearly the entire island of Puerto Rico without power or running water. We partnered with Convoy of HopeNew Life Covenant Church, and Tommy Miranda Ministries to provide vital relief.

Some of the ways our teams served in Puerto Rico was by reaching out to the homeless, providing food, water, and fuel, visiting families throughout the island, as well as bagging and distributing supplies and more.

Hurricane Irma

Hand of Hope – Aug 30, 2017
Hurricane Irma

On August 30, 2017, Hurricane Irma barreled through Florida and left millions without power and caused widespread destruction. Hand of Hope partnered with Next Level Church, Convoy of Hope, Trinity Church, Christ Fellowship, Celebration Church, Bayside Community Church, Action Church, Faith USA, Teen Challenge and Honoring the Father to help provide immediate relief.

Later, we met up with Christ Fellowship, Convoy of Hope, and Celebration Church in Florida. Many families were without power for days on end. These outreaches were able to provide basic necessities like water, food and even charging stations for their phones.

Hurricane Matthew

Hand of Hope – Sep 28, 2016

In 2016, Hurricane Matthew plowed through Haiti, killing hundreds of people, leaving many homeless and in need of basic necessities.

Hand of Hope partnered with Love A Child, Inc to bring much needed food to the hurricane victims.

We also partnered with Seacoast Church Bethel Church, Redding to help provide relief in the U.S. Lastly, we partnered with Community of Hope Haiti to help bring even more relief to Haiti.

Relief After Record Flooding in Louisiana

Hand of Hope – Aug 12, 2016
Relief After Record Flooding in Louisiana

In 2016, many in Louisiana lost their homes to flooding. Six people died and more than 20,000 had to be rescued from their homes.

Hand of Hope partnered Our Savior’s Church in Lafayette, Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge, Church of the King in Mandeville, Bethany Church in Baton Rouge, Journey Church in Greenwell, Our Saviors’ church in Jennings, as well as Convoy of Hope to help provide relief.

Nepal Earthquake

Hand of Hope – Apr 25, 2015

In 2015, the Hand of Hope Asia team visited Kolkana, one of the areas that suffered devastation from the 7.8 earthquake in Nepal.

Many homes were partially or completely destroyed, forcing families to sleep outside in the rain, with temperatures sometimes dropping to 14 degrees Celsius (57 degrees Fahrenheit).

Our team was able to provide 75 of these families with emergency provisions of rice, noodles, pulses (legumes) and sugar. They also provided blankets and tents to those living without shelter.

Additionally, our medical volunteers partnered with the Red Cross to set up an emergency First Aid clinic in the midst of the inhabited area, allowing people to easily access it.

The Worst Floods in Malawi's History

Hand of Hope – Jan 13, 2015

In 2015, tens of thousands had their homes destroyed or severely damaged in what many called “the worst floods in Malawi’s history,” after extended, severe storms. Much of the population already lived with chronic food insecurity, and this disaster was crippling, if not deadly, for many households.

In areas where Hand of Hope had been working for years, caring for children and providing water relief, we distributed emergency relief packs to those most affected. These packs included much-needed food supplies, household items and repair kits. They were distributed through our local church partner, Trinity Church, who is reminding people that God is always with them.

Our ability to respond at times of disaster was made possible by the support and prayers of our friends and partners. Thank you.

Cyclone Phailin Relief - India

Hand of Hope – Oct 04, 2013

In 2013, cyclone Phailin devastated parts of the eastern states of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. More than 250,000 homes were destroyed, more than 750,000 people were displaced, and most of the fisherman along the coast lost their boats, nets, and livelihood.

Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries World Missions dispatched 225 volunteers in four districts for two weeks. They helped clean up destructions and shared the love of Christ.

The friends and partners of Joyce Meyer Ministries made it possible to provide rice, dal, and blankets to 10,000 families.

Calgary Flooding

Hand of Hope – Jun 19, 2013

A severe storm in Calgary, AB, Canada, caused major flooding, leading to the evacuation of over 100,000 residents from 25 communities. Damage was estimated from $3-5 billion CAD. The flood affected key areas including the SaddleDome and Calgary Stampede grounds, which resulted in widespread property damage and left many areas covered in mud and sewage.

Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries’ World Missions, is provided relief in collaboration with local organizations, focusing on supporting those impacted by this and other disasters.

Alberta Flooding

David L Meyer – Jun 19, 2013

In 2013, Alberta, Canada experienced extensive flooding which was declared the worst in the history of this Western Canadian Province. More than 100,000 people were impacted. Many people were displaced from their homes due to flood waters, utility power failures, and the imminent dangers of associated health risks due to contamination.

Joyce Meyer Ministries/Hand of Hope, in partnership with First Assembly Church in Calgary provided immediate relief, including the distribution of meals to volunteer workers, and as well as the equipment needed to prepare for restoration and rebuilding.

Oklahoma Tornado

Hand of Hope – May 20, 2013

Our hearts go out to the families in Oklahoma who were devastated by the powerful tornado. It was our desire to provide whatever relief and encouragement we could during this heartbreaking time.

We worked with Church of the Harvest, Victory Church, Gleaning for the World, Service International, Cooking for Christ, and The 99, to provide shelter, blankets, water, and food.

Tropical Cyclone Oswald Relief

Hand of Hope – Jan 17, 2013

In 2013, tropical cyclone Oswald caused widespread destruction and flooding in Queensland, Australia, affecting cities in Bundaberg and Sydney. Bundaberg saw seven tornados and significant cyclonic damage, which displaced thousands of residents and affected at least 2,000 homes.

In response to this disaster, Joyce Meyer Ministries joined forces with Citipointe Church and Red Frogs, an outreach program of Citipointe. Together, they provided essential support to affected areas. This assistance included aid in the cleanup efforts, food for volunteers, water blasters, boots, cleaning equipment, and financial support for Red Frogs’ volunteer team, which collaborated with the local church in the affected region.

Hurricane Sandy

Hand of Hope – Oct 22, 2012

Disasters are no respecters of people—they can happen to anyone. And when they do, we have an opportunity to reach out in so many different ways. For Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries’ World Missions, our strength comes in partnering with other vital relief agencies—each doing their own important part—to accomplish the most good.

Hand of Hope partnered with Third Day Missions in Staten Island and Christ Tabernacle in Queens, and DRADT (Disaster Relief and Disaster Training) in Atlantic City, to provide long-term disaster relief support for those still experiencing hardship.

Additionally, Hand of Hope partnered with Convoy of Hope, and DRADT (Disaster Relief and Disaster Training) in Atlantic City, and the New York City Dream Center to make a real difference in the Northeastern USA by providing rescue aid and services.

You were a significant part of this equation. Your heartfelt prayers and financial support brought lifesaving relief to those in desperate situations. You literally helped us to reach one life, one family, one neighborhood at a time. Thank you!

Severe Flooding Strikes the Mekong River in Cambodia

Hand of Hope – Aug 12, 2011

Continuous rain left areas along the Mekong River in the Kandal province of Cambodia completely flooded. At least 83 people, including 34 children have died and hundreds of thousands have been affected.

Hand of Hope distributed food to those affected, along with Joyce’s books which had been translated into Khmer. Additionally, the friends and partners of Joyce Meyer Ministries enabled us to provide feeding programs, children’s homes, a full-time healthcare facility and more throughout Cambodia on a continual basis.

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