THANK YOU for volunteering—these events couldn’t happen without you! We have you signed up to serve at an upcoming Joyce Meyer Ministries Conference.

You have been selected to serve as an USHER! Please read through this page carefully and contact us with any questions. Check out the schedule below for your check-in times:

2:00 pm — Initial check-in

2:45-3:45 pm — Volunteer training (all must attend)

After volunteer training duties begin for evening session

7:30am — Check-in for morning session

11:30am — Receive & Redeem Your Resource Voucher (See Your Usher Captain)

1:00pm — Check-in for Afternoon Session

Two seats will be reserved for you near the area where you’ll be serving.

Volunteer Perks

As a volunteer, you will receive...




Usher Description

Our ushers help create an atmosphere of godly hospitality by assisting guests with seating in their section, and making the sessions run smoothly. Feel free to interact with guests, and enjoy the worship and teaching, with the following in mind:

  • Check in with your usher captain when you arrive for each session.

  • Direct guests to open seats in your section until it is filled.Coordinate with fellow ushers to seat guests who are searching for seats. Some seats may be cordoned off; do not allow guests to sit in those areas until you are asked to do so.

  • Pass out offering envelopes and partnership brochures to guests in your section as directed by your trainer.

  • Pass and collect offering buckets during each session. Please double-check to ensure you collect the same number of buckets that you passed out.

  • If anyone requests special prayer or assistance, ask a Joyce Meyer Ministries (JMM) staff member to help them so that you can quickly return to your duties.

  • Watch closely for cameras and audio/video recorders, and listen for cell phones and beepers.When you see them, ask the owners to respect our “no flash photography” and “recording”policies during the session. If they refuse to comply, notify your usher captain or a JMM staff member.

  • After each session, straighten any signage, including “Volunteer Seating” signs.

Ushers should be able to direct guests to the nearest emergency exit and provide directions to the nearest restrooms, resource tables, etc. Please take time to familiarize yourself with the building. You will receive two reserved seats, for yourself and a guest. To ensure your seats stay reserved, we suggest placing a notebook or something of little value on each seat. JMM is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Hebrews 6:10