Why You Need to Know the U.S. Constitution

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Why You Need to Know the US Constitution

When you buy something, like a new car or a refrigerator, an instruction or owner's manual comes with it. Do you read it? If not, how would you know for sure what you bought will work the way it was intended? In order to receive its full benefits, better understand its functions, and know how to maintain and preserve it, reading the instruction manual of something you own would greatly benefit you.

The United States has two owner manuals: The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. As Americans, we are the owners. It's our duty and privilege to know what each "manual" says and understand its purpose, particularly the Constitution.

The Constitution shows us how we the people are to be responsible to maintain what we have inherited as a result of their sacrifice. Read the U.S. Constitution.

Why the Preamble Is Important

Most Americans don't know what the Preamble to our Constitution is—let alone the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Secularists have effectively removed them from our history textbooks. If we are uninformed, we will be disengaged.

So let's engage first with the definition of preamble.

A preamble is a preliminary statement or introduction to a formal document. The words in our Preamble let the reader know right up front what the document stands for. Our Founding Fathers put much thought into writing our Preamble and chose the words carefully. It's the introduction to America's instruction manual.

In the box to the right containing the Preamble, I intentionally bolded the phrases "We the people" and "do ordain and establish" to indicate that our Founding Fathers took the responsibility to ordain and establish the Constitution. Now, it's our responsibility to maintain what they established and every citizen of the United States is responsible for carrying out the instructions in the manual. We are the "owners" of the Constitution and our country.

My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. – Hosea 4:6 NIV

What We Don't Know Has Hurt Us

Failing to read this instruction manual has cost us dearly. Many of our rights have been stolen because of our inadequate knowledge of how to maintain them. We became indifferent in our attitudes, and thus, victims of our ignorance.

Even though most history books today don't say much specifically about the Preamble, it's still not that difficult to get a copy of it for your own study. In fact, one of my favorite books, Original Intent by David Barton, has a copy of the entire Constitution in the back of the book.

With Reward Comes Responsibility

We all have a responsibility to maintain our system of government. This takes assertiveness. As the "owners," we are essentially in charge. We are the "boss," and those we elect into office—whether Congress, the President, state and local level public servants—are our "employees."

As responsible owners, we must hold our elected officials accountable. That's why it's so important for us to know our Constitution. If you don't know what the Constitution says, how do you know your elected officials are abiding by it and following it? How will you know that your freedoms are being lost?

Find out by getting a copy of the Constitution and begin studying what it says.