History Lessons for Life

- by Dave Meyer
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History Lessons for Life

Either Recall (Remember) or Relearn (Pay the Price Again)

History is a flow of events that begins at the creation of time. Starting from that point, the providential hand of God is revealed along the way through the historical events acted out on the stage of life.

If recorded accurately and truthfully, history is the story of who we are. It explains the when, where, how and why events took shape. History cannot be foretold (except by God). It can only be recorded after time and events have unfolded.

Why Accurate History is Crucial for God's People

If history is not recorded in the flow that it happens, it is not history, but a listing of random events without continuity. What happens when this occurs is the providential hand of God is no longer identifiable and the understanding becomes chaotic and confusing. Without truthful, accurate history, the direction for the future becomes clouded and out of focus because pieces of the past are missing.

People and nations lose their way and destinies are unfulfilled.

Satan's Plan

The reason for missing or revised segments of history is clear: Satan knows well the importance of recounting, recalling and remembering the great things the Lord has done. Satan's plan is now and has always been to dilute or destroy this clear understanding of God as the Director of history.

When people (a nation) have an understanding of providential history, Satan begins to function according to his title of great deceiver. If allowed, the deceiver blinds people to the truth, and they become victims of ignorance. Without the knowledge of how people of the past defeated Satan with God's Word, people who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.

Men and women and nations inevitably repeat the same or similar situations over and over when past examples are deleted from history. The price paid is sometimes very large.

The Bible teaches us that wisdom is gained through the Word of God and life experience (see Proverbs 3:13). It also teaches that the experience necessary for wisdom is costly (see Proverbs 5:1). When this experience is discarded, revised or forgotten, nations can no longer act in wisdom.

What Can You Do About It?

This leads us to the question: What can we as Christians do about this perpetual cycle? The answer is simple—learn our true history.

Our future is always an extension of our past. If our past is distorted and God's handiwork has been removed, our direction for the future will disappear and we will wander aimlessly, as the Israelites did each time they forgot God.

The ultimate end is always bondage.

History's Benefits

On the other hand, if we will remember our past and all the great and mighty things that our God has done, we will no longer be deceived and therefore passive because of ignorance. Our wisdom will return and we will become responsible and active to take back what the devil has stolen. This is God's plan for America.

Will you join me in making God's plan for America our plan? This cannot happen unless we remember all that He has already done. Our history (our godly heritage) is more important than you may think. Otherwise the devil would never have stolen it.

We have to know who we were to know who we are. And if we know who we are, we will know what needs to be done.