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A Watershed Moment


Water Well

For the 2,800 people living in Badvan, India, water had become their primary concern. In short, they didn’t have enough.

The village elders attempted to drill four water wells; however, only one was a success. With such a limited supply of water, strict rules were required: Families could visit the well only twice a day and for a limited amount of time.

For most, this meant walking a long distance, waiting in long lines and often missing work. Even then, there wasn’t enough water to go around. Read the full story


freshwater wells drilled


new countries with wells:
Brazil, Ethiopia & Malawi


Well of Life project
(each project includes a well & a church!)

Have you ever been without water? Maybe a water main broke in your neighborhood or your pipes froze and burst. You went to turn on the faucet and nothing came out. Maybe it was an especially hot day and you just really needed an ice-cold glass of water. Oftentimes, it’s in moments like those that we can come to really appreciate basic necessities like water.

For many around the world, there’s no faucet to turn on. No sip of cold water where they live. Just dirty water, full of disease, that they have to hunt for. And far too often, that kind of water brings unimaginable loss.

But like the relief you felt when help came and restored the water to your home, you are bringing tremendous aid to thousands of people in need! Read the full story

the lens
“Each well affects at least one village, and often several…All those families, all those mothers, all those girls…can now go to school and have a future because they don’t have to spend their day looking for water. All those children…won’t die from waterborne diseases because now they have access to clean drinking water…Those milestone numbers sound big but the number of lives that are affected is so much larger.”
-Shelly Meyer, international relations officer for Hand of Hope

Miriam Kwambwa knows far too well the dangers that can lurk for those who fetch water from the great Zambezi River. This mother of six has lost three family members to crocodiles: her sister-in-law, her aunt and her two-year-old niece.

These terrible tragedies caused her to live in constant fear for her children, wondering…would everyone return after making a trip to the river?

“We are thinking, we don’t know if we are coming back or we’ll be caught by a crocodile,” she says. “We had a lot of fear wherever we (went, until) we came back (and saw) that everyone is (safe).” Read the full story

Miriam Miriam

Miriam Kwambwa

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