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Neighborly Love


Over 1 Million
meals served
to refugees

For nearly a decade, men, women and children in Syria have been forced to flee their homes. We’re talking drop everything and run. Run away as fast as you can. Survival is the only thing that matters.

The journey from their war-torn country has not been easy. Families have been separated, children have died, and entire communities have been destroyed. The risk for human trafficking is higher than ever and their next meal is never guaranteed.

With nowhere else to go, they flee west to their neighbor, Lebanon. And there, waiting with open arms is one of our partners, Heart for Lebanon. Hand of Hope has been working with Heart for Lebanon since 2006, helping reach out to Iraqi and Palestinian Christian refugees and now Syrian refugees—with more than 1 million meals served to refugees in 2018 alone. Read the full story

Women Pouring Water Woman standing on porch

inmates visited in
Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Maine, Connecticut, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine, France and India.


community events reaching low-income families across the United States


meals served following Hurricane Michael

the lens
“As we walked into the Sunday morning church service, there were probably 500 refugees worshiping God…It took years of just feeding and clothing and comforting and praying with people to eventually get them to the say, 'Why are you being so nice to me?' And then we could begin to talk about the Gospel. To see them actually getting baptized and attending church is just so exciting.”
-David Meyer, CEO of Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries World Missions

Home. There’s something cozy and beautiful about home. Do you remember getting the key for the first time? Your first meal around the table. Your dog tumbling out the door. Bringing your baby home for the first time. The laughter, the hard moments shared together, the healing, days of rest and summers spent in the backyard.

Your story may not look exactly like this, but we can all agree, there is just something special about the place we call home.

Over the past year, we’ve met many families who had all of that taken from them. Tornadoes, flooding, earthquakes, hurricanes, wildfires, a tsunami and war caused many to lose more than just their home. With it, they were forced to grieve the loss of a place they loved for so many years. Read the full story


So, what makes a good neighbor? They show up when you need it most.

In 2018, you were there. You were there for residents when wildfires ravaged their California homes. You were there when a massive earthquake struck Indonesia and hurricanes devastated portions of the United States. And you were there when families needed a little help to simply make ends meet.

These are the stories of just a few of your neighbors…find out how you helped them.

the lens
“When I look at how we are helping people in need around the world, I just think about how blessed we are to be able to do what we’re doing. Together, we are partnering to make their lives better in ways both big and small—whether that means providing food, education, medical care, safety…or that one, simple message that God loves them and has a good plan for their lives. It is truly a privilege.”
—Dave Meyer, vice president of Joyce Meyer Ministries

people visited in nursing homes in St. Louis


responses to natural disasters


pairs of shoes given to people who have leprosy in India

California Wildfires
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