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A Medical Breakthrough



Our medical and dental clinics serve the world's most impoverished and those in remote areas with little or no access to health care. And in 2018, we celebrated our 100th medical/dental outreach! Our short-term outreaches serve a vital need, and our hospitals and permanent clinics help many as well.

For one of our medical volunteers, Deborah Scherer, these outreaches are unlike anything she has ever seen in her 33 years of nursing.

“While in Zambia, a lady came through triage with a stick in her eye,” Deborah said. “It had been there for almost a year, and it made her totally blind. My heart was in pain that she had to wait this long to see someone.” Read the full story

Debora Scherer Debora Scherer

people treated at our short-term medical/dental outreaches


salvations through our short-term medical/dental outreaches


people cared for at ongoing medical outreaches, hospitals and clinics

We often take for granted our ability to take some pain reliever for that dull headache or quickly grab a bandage for a scrape.

Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries’ world missions arm, has seen the need for basic care like this around the world, so they have been holding mobile medical/ dental clinics for many years now, helping hundreds of thousands of people find the physical—and spiritual— care they need.

Patients often travel long distances to our clinics, where they will see a doctor or dentist completely free of charge. After they receive care for their physical health, we ask every single patient if we can pray for them. And from there, they go to the onsite pharmacy and receive free medication. Read the full story

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“When my kids were sick, I could take them to the doctor. When I don’t feel well, I have access to medicine. And each time, I’m incredibly grateful because I see so many people who don’t have those luxuries. But together, we are providing medical care for thousands with the love of Christ as a bonus!”
-Ginger Stache, CCO of Joyce Meyer Ministries

What is it like to live with an untreated injury or have a painful toothache with no way to visit a dentist? These people know—they are just a few of the thousands of patients you reached with lifesaving care…and the medical professionals who treated them.

So, are you really making a difference? See for yourself…

If you are a medical or dental professional and are interested in joining us on one of our outreaches, click here to learn more.


patients treated at 7 hospitals and clinics


prescriptions/medications distributed


patients received optometric care

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