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A Bright Future


of Hope

It’s hard to find more pure joy in a single place than at one of our Classrooms of Hope in South Africa, where hugs, giggles and all things fun abound as preschoolers go about their day.

And thanks to you, this year we’re celebrating that more children are safe, fed, loved and receiving the education they deserve at our 100th Classroom of Hope!

You see, these classrooms are far more than just preschools. They are places where the teachers love the children like their own…places to learn Bible stories and experience the love of Christ. And the classrooms fill other vital needs as well…they often replace dilapidated structures unfit for anyone, let alone small children. The regular meals bring nourishment and help the children to concentrate in school. Read the full story


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“I've seen where they were having class before—dangerous buildings falling down or out under a tree. So, with these Classrooms of  Hope, these children have an environment where they are safe and protected.”
-David Meyer, CEO of Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries World Missions

“I really, really love this place,” Erica Johnson said, standing in the midst of hundreds of enthusiastic kids. “This event will always have an important place in my heart."

One of five children, Erica was raised by a single mother in the inner city in St. Louis, Missouri. They weren’t churchgoers and didn’t know much about having a relationship with Jesus Christ. But all that would change with one knock on their door.

In 2000, when Erica was just 15 years old, a pastor from the St. Louis Dream Center, an outreach of Joyce Meyer Ministries, came to her house and invited her to attend a children’s service. So, she took a chance and said yes. Soon after, she began a relationship with Jesus Christ, and the church has played a major role in her life ever since. Read the full story


It doesn’t take much to completely change a child’s life—a healthy meal, a safe place to learn, some love and encouragement. This year, you have provided all of these things for thousands of children around the world.

You have also given them something else: The ability to dream again about the exciting possibilities for their future. Here are just a few of the amazing stories you have made possible.

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