Homes for Hurricane Victims

Read how our partners helped rebuild and refurnish a pastor’s home after it was destroyed in Hurricane Harvey.

Rachael Athearn

As the rains from Hurricane Harvey crept into Pastor Jesus and Mary Corona’s home, Mary tried to sweep away the water.

But it came in quickly from the front and back of the house, and pools of water began to collect in each room. Mary worried how she would get her husband, who is in a wheelchair, safely out of their home.

Meanwhile roads throughout Houston, Texas, became impassable, and their daughters were unable to get to them. The couple prayed and knew that somehow God would rescue them.

After many desperate hours and despite all odds—and with the help of a military vehicle—a few men from their church managed to get them out and reunite them with their family.

Thankfully, the Coronas were safe, but water destroyed their home of 45 years. Yet they held onto hope, believing in their hearts that God was going to do something.

“But we never thought that all these people from different states were the ones that were going to be in the midst of our problems,” Mary says of the special way God came through for them.

Thanks to your support and through a partnership with God’s Pit Crew, Hand of Hope was able to rebuild and fully furnish their house.

Their daughters were involved in all the decorating, and today their home is completely wheelchair accessible where it was not before.

Whether it’s serving their congregation, volunteering at a food bank or opening up their church to people displaced by Hurricane Katrina, Pastor Jesus and Mary have regularly reached out to people in many ways over the years.

“I never said, ‘I want something in return from God (for helping others),’ but God never forgets what we do,” Pastor Jesus says.

“I have no words to say,” he says of their new home. “But I give thanks to God and thanks to everybody for what they (did) for us.”