Her Last Resort

Find out how your support is bringing healing—body, soul and spirit—to thousands in El Salvador.

Hand of Hope

One of the greatest journeys we can ever take is to carry God’s love around the world and into people’s hearts. And as a partner, every single day, you are doing just that.

You are shining the light of Jesus Christ into seemingly hopeless situations. You are caring for the sick, providing water for the thirsty, rescuing young lives in danger, and bringing the Gospel.

Through your regular support, you have become the hands and feet of Jesus, enabling every single thing Joyce Meyer Ministries does all around the world.

You’re coming to the rescue for women like Tatiana, who needed some help when she fell desperately ill…

In the Nick of Time

When 21-year-old Tatiana first came to our medical/dental clinic in El Salvador, her kidneys were failing. She had already endured years of suffering as she waited for a kidney transplant.

“I really wanted to end my life,” Tatiana said. “I was in a lot of pain and I felt like my body was too weak and I couldn’t take it anymore.”

Friends had told Tatiana about a new clinic in San José Villanueva—a place “where the doctors were good,” they said, and really cared for their patients. As a last resort, Tatiana decided to give it a try.

Upon her arrival, she met Dr. José Pineda, a family physician who quickly determined that Tatiana had been given the wrong medicines which had permanently damaged her kidneys.

“We know you need a kidney transplant,” Tatiana’s doctor told her. “I promise I will be with you and fight for you—I will not let you be alone in this situation. But in the meantime, we will take care of you. We’ll make sure you don’t have an infection and that you have your dialysis on time. We’ll see that you have your vitamins.”

Like all of the staff at the Medical Clinic, Dr. Pineda is concerned with the spirit, soul and body. His patients are far more than just a name or number—they are precious individuals who each have unique needs.

“And of course, the most important part is coming and talking to me when you feel depressed, whenever you feel sad,” he told Tatiana. “I’m here to talk to you about your situation.”

Healing for the Body, Soul & Spirit

In 2017, Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries World Missions partnered with Abigail Association to open this permanent clinic that is offering medical and dental services to thousands of people each year who could not receive attention otherwise.

“This clinic is different because we don’t only focus on giving them prevention medicine or curing the sick body,” Dr. Marcela Romero, the clinic’s chief doctor, said. “We also use the Word of God and the Gospel to heal their souls.”

Tatiana is receiving loving care while she awaits her kidney transplant. She has also been discovering who she in Christ after reading books like Joyce’s Battlefield of the Mind.

“The book says things like, ‘Be strong and to let the Lord guide you. Keep on going because the Lord is with you,’” Tatiana said. “My self-esteem has gone up incredibly.”

Because of you, Tatiana has found new hope in Christ…and now looks forward to the good future God has in store for her life.