Hand of Hope in Vietnam

Hand of Hope

Population: 93,421,835 - ranks 14th worldwide 
Literacy: 90%
Official Language: Vietnamese
Religion: Freedom of religion
Geography: Area - 331,653 sq. km. Long, narrow country occupying the entire eastern and southern coastline of Indochina. 

Book Translation

Eight of Joyce’s books have been translated and printed in Vietnamese; over 97,000 have been distributed through outreaches.

Disaster Relief
  • 2020:  Hand of Hope provided assistance with clean-up and supplies after Typhoon Molave.
  • 2011:  Hand of Hope served thousands of families who suffered due to the massive flooding.  We provided families with supply relief bags, which contained rice, tin fish, oil and vegetables along with Joyce’s book Tell Them I Love Them. We worked with four churches to set up facilities in five locations for temporary housing, each of which had food, bedding and temporary shower and toilet facilities.
  • 2009:  After a typhoon hit, Hand of Hope reacted quickly. We were able to feed many families, build temporary shelters, reconstruct 35 permanent homes and distribute thousands of Bibles to those in need.

Feeding Programs

Hand of Hope serves tens of thousands of meals yearly through our feeding programs in this country.

Television and Radio

Joyce’s Enjoying Everyday Life television show was previously available in Vietnamese in select areas across the country.

Water Relief

Through our Water Relief program, Hand of Hope has dug 19 fresh water wells to provide fresh drinking water to villages.