Hand of Hope in Nepal

Hand of Hope
Population: 30,986,975 - ranks 41st worldwide 
Literacy: 48.6% 
Official Language: Nepali
Religion: People are free to choose their religion, but it is illegal to convert others. 
Geography: Area - 147,181 sq. km. A mountain-ringed Himalayan state between China (Tibet) and India. It contains 8 of the 10 highest mountain peaks in the world. 

Book Translation

Five of Joyce's have been translated into Nepalese and over 20,000 have been distributed through outreaches. 

Children's Homes

Hand of Hope has funded Children's Homes in Nepal.  

Disaster Relief

2015: Hand of Hope responded with immediate relief after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the capital city of Kathmandu; we distributed 4,500 relief packets to those in need which included tents, blankets, rice, dal, salt and water.  

Feeding Programs

Hand of Hope has served nearly one million meals yearly through our feeding programs in Nepal.  

International Conferences

2008: Joyce ministered to over 15,000 people and more than 1,300 souls came of the Lord.  She also conducted a leadership meeting with over 1,500 in attendance.

Medical/Dental Outreaches
  • 2019: Our volunteers treated 2,753 patients; 6 accepted Christ
  • 2015: Our volunteers treated 1,980 patients; 30 accepted Christ 
  • 2014: Our volunteers treated 3,164; 470 of those accepted Christ 

Television and Radio

Joyce's Enjoying Everyday Life television show is available in Nepali, Hindi, and Oriya. The show was previously available in Telugu, Punjabi, and English.