Hand of Hope in China

Hand of Hope

Population: 1,355,692,576 - ranks 1st worldwide
Literacy: 91%
Official Language: Putonghua (Mandarin Chinese)
Religion: The government claims that there are over 100 million believers in the country.  
Geography: Area - 9,573,000 sq. km.

Book Translation

Twenty-five different books by Joyce Meyer have been translated and printed in the Chinese language; over 1.6 million have been distributed throughout the country.

Disaster Relief
  • 2014: A 6.1 earthquake hit the Yunnan Province of Southwestern China. Hand of Hope was able to provide immediate relief by distributing 200 aid kits to families in need. These kits included a tent, sleeping bags, cooking pans, solar lights, first aid and food. 
  • 2010: We joined with local partners to provide shelter and vital supplies needed after the powerful 6.9 magnitude earthquake in the Qinghai province.
  • 2008: Hand of Hope partnered with Target Ministries in an effort to help the many people displaced and devastated by the earthquake in 2008. Food, water, tents and water purification systems were distributed.
Television and Radio

Joyce's Enjoying Everyday Life television show, in Chinese (Mandarin), and Hindi is available throughout the country.

Water Relief

Hand of Hope, through the Wells of Life program installed a fresh water well with 60 taps.