Hand of Hope in Burundi

Hand of Hope

Population: 10,395,931 - ranks 85th worldwide
Literacy: 58%
Official Language: Kirundi and French; all speak Kirundi
Religion: Freedom of religion
Geography: Area - 27,834 sq. km. A mountainous, fertile country on the north shore of Lake Tanganyika. 

Book Translation

Hand of Hope has distributed Joyce’s books translated into in French in Burundi.

Disaster Relief
2020: Hand of Hope partnered with Trinity Church International providing care packages, footwear and Joyce's books for 200 people after flooding

Feeding Programs

Hand of Hope is serving over 50,000 meals yearly through our feeding program in Burundi. 


In partnership with Trinity Church International, Hand of Hope supports a church plant in Burundi.

Television and Radio

Joyce’s Enjoying Everyday Life  television and radio program is available in French, English and KiSwahili in select areas of the country.