Food Trucks That Help Relieve Hunger

Learn how our partners are using food trucks to feed hungry families in Peru.

Rachael Athearn

When intense rains ravaged parts of Peru earlier this year, hundreds of thousands of families were left devastated and without homes.

And as the community sorted through the muck and mud, searching for whatever belongings remained, you were there to help them.

Thanks to your financial support, Joyce Meyer Ministries, Hand of Hope could partner with Mission Cristiana Camino de Vida to provide immediate assistance to the families struggling from this disaster.

We pumped houses; shoveled out dirt; mobilized hundreds of church volunteers; and bought gas-powered pumps, shovels, wheelbarrows, gloves and boots.

And even today, your partnership continues to help families in the flood-affected areas. When another need—for regular, nutritious meals—was unearthed, we knew we had to find a way to feed the people.

Traveling Feeding Centers

With the help of another church, we were able to purchase brand new food trucks, which serve as traveling feeding centers throughout Lima, Peru.

More than 13,000 meals have been distributed in 13 districts around Lima to date, with 5,000 additional meals served in Piura, Peru, during the disaster.

The most exciting part of it all is that the meals draw people to a place where they hear the life-changing message of the Gospel and walk away knowing how very much God loves them.

Thank you so much for helping people recover from natural disasters around the world.

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