A Life Changing Wheelbarrow Ride

Find out how a trip to a Hand of Hope medical/dental outreach had a life-changing affect.

Hand of Hope

The need for medical and dental care is real in many parts of the world. And Hand of Hope is adamant about going to places where the hurting are in need of help.

And in Zimbabwe, in 2019, where a Hand of Hope medical/dental clinic was held, 30-year-old Justice was brought to the medical clinic. His condition was so dire that his sister carted him in a wheelbarrow because he was too weak to walk.

Justice was quickly brought into our clinic for a consultation with doctors. His sister shared that two years prior, he was diagnosed with HIV and put on medication. But oftentimes he couldn’t afford to buy his medication. Then the medical team discovered he was recently diagnosed with meningitis.

Seeing he was in need of a miracle, the medical team rushed Justice into the ministry area for prayer. As the team prayed and asked for God to heal his frail body, Justice began to visibly appear better. He got out of the wheelbarrow on his own and began to walk! It was an absolute miracle.

Justice was so thankful to Jesus for restoring his physical health that he decided to become a follower of Christ and received salvation.

Thank you for giving others just like Justice the opportunity to receive healing for their physical bodies and the chance to start a relationship with Christ.

Through medical and dental outreaches like this one in Zimbabwe, you can help change the lives of thousands of people around the world.