Facing Your Fear

God is bigger than your worries!

Joyce Meyer
Facing Your Fear

It’s truly amazing how many things we can be afraid of. Fear wants to freeze you in place, making you afraid to go after the things God has for you and the things He has called you to do.

But here’s what Joshua 1:9 says: Have not I commanded you? Be strong, vigorous, and very courageous. Be not afraid, neither be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go (AMPC).

I love that scripture. When the Lord tells us to “fear not,” He’s not saying we will never feel fear. The Bible doesn’t say that you can’t shake, sweat or tremble. It just says, “fear not.” And when we feel fear, we have a choice—we can do it afraid!

I will never forget an experience I had in the early days of my ministry when I was invited to speak at a conference. One of the speakers had canceled, and I was their replacement.

When the day came, they asked all of the workshop speakers to get up on stage and share what they would talk about the next day. I remember the other speakers having impressive titles like “Pastor,” “Reverend,” and so forth. But I was just Joyce, from Fenton, Missouri—a nobody from nowhere.

Once it was my turn to talk, I was absolutely petrified. The 900 people in the audience looked like 9 million to me. I was so scared that when I opened my mouth to talk, I couldn’t get my voice to work. Nothing came out but a squeak.

Right then, I wanted to run off the stage. I could hear the enemy’s thoughts running through my mind: What do you think you’re doing here? You need to go back to Fenton and never come back again!

Finally, however, I somehow managed to begin talking and went on to share what my workshop was about. Then the next day, to my surprise, a lot of people actually came to hear me speak. Now I look back and thank God that I didn’t run from fear—I would have forfeited the blessings He had in store for me!

Whatever you’re facing today, God is bigger than your worries, your problems, and your fears. He knows every one of your needs before you ever have them, and He delights in taking care of you. So, fear not. Follow God’s lead and do it afraid!