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Social Media

If you’ve signed up for a study, you are not required to share on Facebook or Twitter in order to participate. If you have reached the “Share” page, you are now enrolled and can simply exit the page without going to Facebook or Twitter.

At Joyce Meyer Ministries, we are pleased at the opportunity to interact with our global community via social media. Our social media team members review comments and posts that are made to our accounts. We reserve the right to remove posts and comments that:

  • Use foul language
  • Are offensive, inappropriate or argumentative
  • Insult or attack
  • Contain unauthorized commercial solicitation
  • Are unrelated to Joyce Meyer Ministries

We also reserve the right to terminate access to any of our accounts at any time for any reason without notice.

Please report the imposter or scammer to the social media platform that was used to contact you.

 Helpful Information:

  • Joyce Meyer Ministries does not use general email domains such as Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo, etc. Joyce Meyer Ministries’ current sending domains will end with,, or
  • Joyce Meyer Ministries’ Facebook page is an organizational page, and there is NOT a friend request option associated with it.
  • Joyce Meyer Ministries does NOT make requests for donations within a social media ‘chat’/conversation, nor do we request personal documentation, down-payments/deposits of money, or Western Union transfers to other persons, ministries, or outreaches, etc.
  • Joyce Meyer Ministries DOES offer a DONATE button on our Facebook page which will take you to a secure page on our website. This secure system can also be accessed by going directly to our website at
  • Joyce Meyer Ministries is NOT associated with any home rental offers and does NOT endorse CBD or diet products. This is false information, and we’re doing everything we can to remove these ads and articles from social media.

Watch this short video message which address all the fake posts about Joyce.

Our official social media platforms are:

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