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Let Joyce walk you through Proverbs!


Let Joyce walk you through Proverbs!



Project GRL

Project GRL

- by Ginger Stache

For years, Joyce Meyer Ministries has been reaching out in many ways to women and girls all around the world. We are personally seeing the incredible impact God has made in their lives...and we know He is calling us to do even more.  

That is why I’m so excited to tell you about a new initiative we are launching—we’re calling it Project GRL. It is something very close to Joyce’s heart, and it’s a way to bring the love and healing power of Jesus Christ into the lives of more women and girls than ever before.

So, what is Project GRL? Let me begin by sharing a quick story...

When we travel to share with you what God is doing around the world, I’m often with a small production team made up of a great group of guys and me—the only woman. 

On one trip, while in a restaurant in a foreign country, the server took all of the guy’s orders and began to walk away. I told him I hadn’t ordered yet and he didn’t respond. Then one of the men told him the same thing, so the server returned and took my order. 

When the food came, all of the gentlemen were served but there was nothing for me. Assuming that mine was still coming, we waited. In a while the server walked by and I asked about my meal. Without a glance in my direction he continued walking.

More time passed. The waiter came back to see how the guys were doing and I again asked about my order. The whole meal went by and I still had no food until one of the guys on my team said firmly, “She needs her food. You need to go get her food.” Finally, my meal was delivered. 

Now, this certainly was not a big deal, but I was annoyed—in fact, I was angry. Not just because my meal came late, but what really stuck me was the feeling that I was invisible. I wasn’t worth their time because I was a woman.

Then God reminded me that this annoyance was just the tiniest glimpse into the lives of many women and girls around the world. He began laying it on my heart to take a good look at the women around me, to really see what they’re facing and to look at the circumstances that we could help change. 

Many women and girls feel invisible—or worse. 

I’ve seen girls unable to attend school because they must spend full days walking to gather water; women looked upon as lower than the livestock they tend; and young women held captive and forced into sexual slavery.

I’ve seen brokenhearted mothers forced to give up their daughters, sacrificing to save their lives; and women of all ages so beaten down by the words of others that they cannot see how cherished they are by their heavenly Father.

As a mother of two daughters these injustices makes my heart ache and I am furious. And I’m reminded that it’s not enough to see the problem—we must take action to spark change.

That is why we are excited to announce a new initiative we’re calling Project GRL. Working to Guide, Restore and Love. And we are inviting you to join us as we help women and girls by providing education, feeding and fresh water programs, human trafficking initiatives and at the core of it all, sharing that they are precious daughters of the King. 

This fight is especially near to Joyce’s heart. Because of the sexual abuse she experienced, she has great empathy for women being mistreated in any way. God has healed her shattered soul, and she wants the same for girls everywhere who are dealing with unimaginable circumstances. 

Without a doubt, together we can change their lives!

If like Joyce, you have experienced the healing power of Christ deep in your soul...If like me, you have daughters and would do anything to protect them…If it breaks your heart to see the injustice women and girls are suffering, then join us.

Together, through Project GRL, we can do more than we have ever done before. Through word and deed we will tell young women they have the freedom to dream and have a voice to change the world. We’ll tell them God has a great plan for them and created them in His image. 

We will tell them they’re beautiful and that God loves them…and He created them to be a girl.

To learn more about our new Project GRL initiative, you can visit our ProjectGRL page

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