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Hurricane Florence

Making an Impact After Hurricane Florence

- by Hand of Hope

Hurricane Florence hit the United States devastating areas in the East Coast like North Carolina, South Carolina and Maryland. It’s always difficult to see the toll a storm like this takes on a community but because of your support, we were able to act quickly to bring relief.

Even before the storm hit the United States, we joined with Convoy of Hope and God’s Pit Crew to help with the relief efforts. These two organizations were able to provide food, water, and other supplies to those in need. See some of the impact Convoy of Hope & God’s Pit Crew made in North Carolina.

Quickly after Hurricane Florence hit, we also came alongside: Seacoast Church, Eight Days of Hope, Service International, Love Out Loud and I5 Church. These organizations and ministries will be assisting those impacted with demolition, cleanup and eventually restoration.

Thank you for helping us meet the needs of those effected by Hurricane Florence…you are making a lasting impact!

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