Full Bellies And Big Smiles in Cuba

Full Bellies & Big Smiles in Cuba

- by Hand of Hope
Full Bellies and Big Smiles in Cuba

In Cuba, having meat with your meal is a really big deal. Some Cubans can afford some meat (usually pork) once a week, but many don’t get it at all. 

But at the 18 feeding programs we support in Cuba, through a partnership with Global Messenger, every meal contains healthy meats as well as other nutritious foods. 

Many of the 250 children we are able to feed aren’t guaranteed a meal at home. With hungry bellies, they beg their parents to come to the small groups where the meals are served. Here we are able to meet their physical needs, but also share the Gospel with them as well. 

At the Sunday service, Global Messenger is able to feed all the children that attend the service, providing eggs, beans, meat, rice and other food staples. 

“Feeding the people is our way of love in action. We are able to help in ways that really does make their lives better,” said Steve Smith from Global Messenger. 

Thank you for helping us meet such a vital need in Cuba, as well as for more than 70,000 children all around the world. 

Hand of Hope