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Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief: Tropical Depression Imelda

- by Hand of Hope

On Thursday, September 19, Tropical Depression Imelda unexpectedly dropped more than 43 inches of rain on southeast Texas, flooding a region that is still recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

One of the worst tropical cyclones in U.S. history, Imelda shut down major roads in Houston and forced thousands to evacuate hospitals, businesses and homes. So many others remain trapped and are in desperate need of help.>

Through your support, Hand of Hope has been able to partner with Hope City Church in Houston, Texas, to rescue families in peril and bring them to safety. Senior Pastor Jeremy Foster recently reported on the incredible impact you are making:

“Our guys saved 80 families yesterday afternoon and evening. Game wardens pulled out at 8pm because they said it was too dangerous. However, our team didn’t stop until 11:30pm.

“We received the first rescue call around 3 p.m. It was a father who couldn’t swim, along with his wife and two kids. Water was in the house and no one was coming. Their house stands 4 feet off the ground, so you can imagine how deep it was getting outside. Their home was also located in the overflow banks of the river. So, not only was the water rising, but there was a strong current as well.

When we arrived in the neighborhood, we heard a family screaming at another house. Our team immediately went over there and saved them as well. We then realized there were multiple families huddled together on tables and cabinets in homes. We rescued the entire neighborhood. Joyce Meyer Ministries has always been a huge blessing to us. We can’t thank you guys enough. It’s a blessing to serve our city and see lives changed.”

Hand of Hope is also partnering with God’s Pit Crew to deliver fresh water, food, emergency supplies, and other support to help these families recover from this crisis.

Thank you for your amazing support that is literally rescuing lives, bringing relief and sharing the love of Christ in a powerful way. We ask you to pray for all those who have been affected by this disaster and for the safety of our teams on the ground.

If you would like to help provide additional relief for those recovering from Imelda, as well as other disaster relief efforts worldwide, visit joycemeyer.org/disasterrelief