God Is In the Details

God Is in the Details

- by Staff Writer
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How a Manicure Appointment Led to 25 Years of Partnership

One ordinary day about 25 years ago, Paula Munroe, of Houston, Texas, had an appointment for a manicure. The lady doing her nails asked Paula if she had ever heard of Joyce Meyer. Paula said she hadn’t but soon after, they started watching Joyce together—and Paula never stopped!

As a Joyce Meyer Ministries partner for the last 25 years, Paula says she feels she and Joyce have grown in their faith together. “Joyce is very right-to-the-point, very plain spoken and clear in her intent. It’s been amazing to partner with her all these years!”

We caught up with Paula at Joyce’s 2017 Love Life Women’s Conference in St. Louis. It was Paula’s 24th Women’s Conference, having missed one due to a bout with cancer. This year had its share of complications as well. They came in the form of Hurricane Harvey. Still, Paula and her friend, Kathy, made the decision to attend, despite what was happening at home. “Sometimes, women just need women, and we needed the break and the time of refreshing!”

Though the damage to Paula’s home was extensive, she trusted that God would help them fix it. She and her husband were able to get most of their first-floor belongings to the second floor before the water came in. It will take several months of hard work to make all the repairs, but Paula sincerely believes they were fortunate compared to some and she has chosen to look for the positives. She said they have gotten to know some of their neighbors better, and they’ve had great support from their church and Sunday school class.

As a faithful partner with Joyce Meyer Ministries, and with the ministry so actively involved with the rebuilding effort in Houston, Paula’s support has in some ways, come full circle. “I’ve been a partner with Joyce for probably 25 years. I see the good that she does. It seems like every year she has another brainstorm to help someone else and to do good for others. It’s encouraging to me to know that my money is going for all things good. It’s God’s money anyway, so just as well give it back to Him.” She added, “God touched my heart through Joyce years ago. We are still growing with her, and partnering is my way of giving back to her and her ministry. It’s pretty incredible that they’ve come to Houston to help!”

What seemed to be a normal, everyday event 25 years ago—a manicure—was clearly a God-ordained moment in Paula’s life. What a testimony to prayer and believing our every step, if we’re following the leadership of the Holy Spirit, can truly change a life for the better.

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